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  1. Cheeky... :-) I want to invite people into my world and share the experiences..
  2. the ???????????????????? :-) And I shall invest in a pencil now...
  3. I really want to write a book but I don't know where to start... My life has been so fruitful in my short years, but so has my mums, My dad was an Italian criminal so his life was fruitful too.. My grandad had connections with some pretty big and famous London gansters plus lived on an alies and got married twice and had a secret son... Where and who do I start with... Do i do it in volumes perhaps... As a diary... I'm not sure... I really want to log all this down... And give people a taste of being a young girl in a world of lies and criminality.. And what it's led me to personally... I'm just stuck on who to begin with.. Do I start as of now or back in the day..... Some guidance...? Person by person...
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