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  1. Anyone else in the Waterthorpe/Crystal Peaks area been plagued these last few nights/last week or so by some <removed> on an off road motorcycle riding round the area late on in the afternoon then into the evening? No good ringing 101..after the obligatory 1hour wait they will simply tell you its not a priority, and you just know its never ever going to get a sniff, I'm surprised some local hasn't put a broom handle through the wheel. Can't for the life of me work out where it is but its now 11pm and its still doing the rounds!!!
  2. The council appear to have set on some incredibly poor road maintenance team to carry out road resurfacing etc recently...It was Amey in the past...I live in S20, they put up signs to do our road, a dead end with cul de sacs off it...they rocked up...a day later than on the posters, which said 3days required...it took them almost 3 weeks to do half the work, still unfinished , and recently it turns out, our bit not being done! And it wasn't Amey vans doing the work..they are too busy cutting down trees that don't need cutting down!! The workmanship is astonishingly poor, one resident complained about the grate outside their home which was simply filled in with the goop they pour on!! Resulted in Clive Betts coming down, agreeing it was basically **** but nothing else!! I have, truthfully never seen workmanship so bad, so, the new Mini Rdbt at Moss Way...it doesn't surprise me one bit that it too is crap... as someone said...raised ironworks...camber all wrong...oh and the tram works..you drive past and theres like 3 guys half heartedly doing minuscule amounts of whatever it is they are meant to be doing!It's obviously a day rate job, hence the stop/start road closures open/closed again approach. Its an amateur job, but when you have SCC involved in anything then what possible other outcome is there!!
  3. The original poster clearly dislikes the Police, I myself do not. Don't post such banal trivial rubbish trying to open a debate about a non topic. I bet if you called them, regardless what for, you wouldn't mind how they got there...bus lane violations, the full bag o mashings! Grow up, as a couple have said, it's not an easy job, and when some busybody posts on here trying to stir the sh it, they must wonder why they bother!!
  4. We "discovered" OiSoi about 15 months ago, and truthfully, along with. Milano's it is head and shoulders above any other place in the city. If you want to walk in without booking you will probably end up downstairs. Informal, relaxed, food still great, however, the real treat is to ensure you book to sit upstairs.Elegant surroundings, very friendly, attentive staff, and the food is to die for. I don't know what people consider pricy or reasonable, but for us it has hit the spot every time we have been. We recently went to a Pizza place in Kelham Island area, £40 with a couple of drinks, and it was average at best, so another 20 or so for a night and day difference is well worth it in my book. Give it a try, if you are into Thai Fusion style food..I don't think you will be disappointed. AND tell me the front of house guy is NOT a body double for Serge, the Art gallery guy in Beverly Hills Cop!! You need to be quite old to recall him, but once it's in your mind! All very polite/friendly and will talk to you in general if you engage them, it's always nice to know a persons "journey" to end up working in a grim Northern town when they are clearly not from here. Funnily enough, we have just had to cancel a Saturday night booking due to us both having the flu virus!!
  5. Found out today that the response policing facility that was based at Moss Way has all been moved down to Attercliffe as from today... 12/9/17. So if you live in the very southern side of the city, you wont be seeing any patrol cars round Mosborough, Frechville etc etc. The building at Moss Way has slowly been emptied of operational cops, and I fear with this latest "rationalisation" or whatever the police spin people will call it, it won't be long before we see the entire building closed/mothballed, and then sold to make way for another cheapo supermarket! SYP really do seem to have pulled this stroke across the city, Deepcar is covered by officers based in the City Centre would you believe! Sheffield has lost Hammerton Road, as a response station, now Moss Way, it wont be long before Woodseats goes the same way I imagine, and the biggest thing is..once you close them down, sell the land, there's no way they are EVER going to open another one is there!!
  6. I know it's not the steepest per se...but for the cyclists...try Carr Rd, from Deepcar all the way up to Bolsterstone...long steep drag, couple of "rest points" where it probably drops off to about 6 or 7%, it's not the steepness, but the leg busting length and its one continuous hill..the bottom bit is especially tough, and while we are out in Deepcar/Stocksbridge...try Nanny Hill from the main road, up past the clock tower all the way to Stocksbridge park Steels ground..another tester!!! Oh and Hole House Lane, from main road, up pas the school..its all hills out there!
  7. Where are these fantastic beautiful cosmopolitan cities that some people allege to have visited!! Leeds, Manchester and the like are NO different to Sheffield. Underneath the extra street or 2 of gloss they have the same issues as Sheffield , and in fact any big city in the current climate. Ask yourself , would you REALLY want to live in London or New York etc, because judging by some of the comments here, that's what Sheffield has to aspire to!! Personally I like the city, yes there are aspects of it that could be better but overall, the beating heart of a city comes from the people within it, and as everyone knows, Sheffield folk are very friendly to almost everyone, it isn't tagged the UKs biggest village for nowt!! So, instead of mugging the city off to everyone/anyone take some comfort in the fact that it is unique in its own way.
  8. The vid clip isn't funny, but as a cyclist myself I TOTALLY disagree with the poster saying he is a victim…. he is a victim only of his own lack of attention, I will tell you exactly what he is doing….Hes looking at his bike computer seeing if he's beating his mates on that Strava thing!! Head down, trying to beat them all..for bragging rights..nothing more! And the poster who asked what if he hit an old lady…good point, maybe she should be looking as well, but old people get confused, the cyclist is just totally oblivious, there is a difference.Its all well and good as a cyclist looking at your computer, but if all car drivers went round scrutinising their speedos it would be even more unsafe for cyclists!! The computer on my bike is only really checked for gradient..nothing more, I wait till I'm home to look at all the fancy speed sections/heart rate etc.
  9. Has anyone got any idea why the so called cycle lanes in/around the city have been suspended for 4 months?? They are not fantastic, but are better than nothing…and simply putting up a notice stating suspended for 4 months with NO explanation is somewhat stupid in my eyes, but then again this is the Sheffield Highways/Council we are talking about!! what does suspension actually mean?? Can you ride in them safe in the thought that most motorists will still respect them…or is it all bets off!!! Confusing for cyclists AND the motorist…I am a cyclist, but I fully understand this will confuse motor drivers too..simply not good enough..more info please SCC!!!
  10. Been down Penistone Rd recently...what on earth are they doing all round the dogtrack/Morrisons etc! It's not that we don't need road upgrades etc...but the entire site looks like something you would see in a 3rd world country!! Wires hanging all over the place..haphazard barrier placings..it really looks that the council MUST have gone with the cheapest tender, because it really does look like Spain in the 80s!!! And will no doubt look like it for AGES!!!:hihi:
  11. Here we are, ALLEGEDLY the 4th biggest city in England, 2 weeks away from the arrival of what is billed the greatest free sporting event on earth….the TDF. Cycling/driving around Sheffield though you wouldn't have guessed it AT ALL!!! Go to Leeds/Harrogate, and loads of the little villages on/close to the route in North Yorks and they have TOTALLY embraced the race, coloured bikes everywhere, events, posters etc etc… Contrast the Sheffield effort, and one has to say it is, with typical council ambivalence…WOEFULLY inadequate/embarrassing!! I rode through Bradfield on Fri afternoon (20/6/14), a village that features VERY prominently on the Sat stage, with some killer hills etc, and to be quite honest, there was ABSOLUTELY no indication of the event very soon to take place!! I am not advocating the City Council spend public money..HEAVEN FORBID….we have our position as a leading City of Sanctuary to finance!! But SURELY a city this size, and with the sporting heritage we have…oh hold on, that sporting heritage that has declined so rapidly it is an embarrassment to once think we bestowed that title on ourselves to begin with!!! And DO NOT get me started on the route into the city!! We have some beautiful area's ACROSS the city boundaries, and we showcase the city to the world media by going through what has to be visually one of the most depressing finishing sections of any stage in the race! The French have their lovely villages/mountain top finishes….we give them Sheffield Arena and it's nearby route to it!!! The helicopter views should look tremendous…a harsh industrial run through what has to be described as uninspiring to say the least. There is one sure fire thing though….the one thing that the city has in abundance…it's people/spectators will ensure it is an event that is well supported by the public at large, regardless of our council's apparent lack of interest/effort to showcase our city. Sheffield survives and moves forward DESPITE the clowns in the Town Hall "leading" us, NOT because of them!!!
  12. Why is it that you drive beyond the city limits, to neighbouring council areas, i.e Rotherham, Barnsley etc and all their main roads are running as they should be...you get to Sheffield, there is STILL major deposits of snow/solid ice on almost all main roads at roundabouts on dual carriageways etc, making an already unpleasant journey even worse!! I jhave just driven from Meadowhead to Gleadless , and the main road is down to 1 lane...with solid pack ice almost in the offside, and this is mirrored throughout the city. Roads reduced in width by 6 to 8 foot because the council cannot be bothered to re-plough, therefore cars abandoned, single lane main routes...chaos!! We pay some of the highest council tax rates in the North of England, yet are treat like we are living in some Siberian hinterland!! Its not good enough, we keep voting different parties in to run the city , and each one seems to be incapable of positive action!! I am beginning to feel like one of those characters off "Ice Road Truckers" without the bonus at the end!!!!
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