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  1. wanna camp in my loft then lol, not heard anything for about a week then heard them again last night =-(
  2. Thanks for the offer ChrisT70 but i havent actually seen them for a bit just heard them in the walls and loft. Thanks Jomie i will check that, never even thought to look. Thanks jrowl we did this for about 4 weeks before blocking the hole managed to trap a baby rat and a mother rat that gave birth in the cage but nothing else. we still have the traps down just in case but nothings going in hopefully they've been scared off from outside! thanks Tank123 can you remember who you used?
  3. The council said they would only do what we have already, the 3 visits are to set the traps check on them and take them away if they are not gone after 3 visits the charge an extra £30ish to leave the traps/bait down. They advised me to use poison even though they are in the walls as the other things haven't worked and block the know access points, they recommend neutradol for the smell IF! they die but like i said my rats are very clever unfortunately! i have used sticky pads on the route they were taking from the boiler to get into the kitchen which i think it got stuck to the 1st night but somehow managed to escape and since then they didnt come down from boiler i know this because ive been living with flour on the sides so i knew when they had come down. ive tried everything so far just praying the ultrasonic sound or poison works soon as people have mentioned it can take a while. i am going to contact the council again about next door but it isnt a council property and is in the process of being sold
  4. we have different types of traps under the kitchen cupboards, under the decking and in the loft baited with peanut butter as well as poison down but the ones in the house are clever buggers and are avoiding them! i have spoken to the council who charge £66 but have told me they would only do what we've done already so no point in them coming. i really need advice on a good company to come and get rid of them for us now. we have some ultrasonic plug ins ordered and next mission is to fill the holes inside to the boiler and sink then there stuck in the walls and loft.
  5. HELP!!!!! Hi please can anyone recommend a good pest control company? We first noticed a rat in the house about 5-6 weeks ago and have tried everything, traps, poison and sticky pads (dogs and cat are useless lol!). We have blocked the hole where they had dug into the house and placed traps under the decking but one/more are living in the wall cavity. They were originally coming through a whole in the back of the boiler into the kitchen but i know it hasn't been in since traps and pads were put in the kitchen 2 weeks ago but i still hear them in the walls and under the floor boards. There is evidence of them being under the kitchen cupboards but im not sure if this is old. They seem to be getting food from somewhere else, the house next door has been empty for a while and not sure if this is how they are getting in and out, im pregnant and getting really stressed and worried now. Any help/advice would be much appreciated thanks
  6. someone had an add a few weeks ago in the lost and found section in the classifieds saying they had lost one. Maybe mods could help
  7. LOST: male cat, last seen ecclesfield road shiregreen saturday night 29.9.12. wearing black collar with white spots and name tag. has thinning hair to base of tail where he's over groomed and tail is bent at the tip from a previous injury. he has been neutered is 10yrs old but looks younger/healthy. very friendly. please get in touch with any info and share message thanks http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=126875&d=1352167763 http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=126876&d=1352167799
  8. vibe line task care zoom free sage oval wasp team sites already live good luck
  9. anyone got all the codes needed to book please?
  10. can anyone reccommend where to go for Semi permanent eyelash extensions? i had some done about 5 weeks ago but they were £21 with a groupon offer and there usually £70 which is a bit too much for me to afford. preferably near Shiregreen but i can drive. need em done friday or sat thanks
  11. Reason for Rehome / Sale Time Scale – How Urgent? ready 3rd March Sale Amount £200 boys £250 girl Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location Shiregreen Sheffield Age & Sex 2 males 1 female Breed/ Mix Staffordshire Bull Terrior all white with black patches KC Registered no Approximate size small Exercise Needed at least 2 walks per day and regular toilet times once able to go outside Neutered & Micro chipped will need to be done asap Vaccinated & Wormed 1st injection due 8-10 weeks depending on vets Live in / out only been inside at the minute Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals grew up with 2 cats and 2 dogs Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues none known Temperament excellent Good or Bad with Children very good Dislike of Men or Women no OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes Travel OK in Car never tried Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time yes but not for long Destructive Behaviour may chew but there pups! Barks yes but not very loudly at the minute Pull on the lead not walked yet Crate trained will hopefully be paper trained before leaving Housetrained i doubt it General Information you can share about the Dog. these dogs will need a lot of exercise training and time, they are hard work but are well worth it and make excellent pets in the right hands. i will only sell to people whom i feel will offer a long and loving home and will not just sell to anyone so please dont ask if you dont think you will have the time for them but just want one because they look cute! no time wasters please, thanks
  12. i didn't do it for the money but the money comes and will be used in a certain way thats all.
  13. and i work hard for my money so getting things free on benefits isnt an option
  14. because theres things that my dogs need and i would rather spend the money on them simple
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