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  1. Hi, there is or was a session in Sheffield somewhere. I’ll try and dig up some info. If you do put a band or a jam together any time give me a shout on here, I play double bass and love a bit of ‘grass
  2. Try http://bfituk.co.uk. Lots of trainers there with PT qualifications and Dan Hudson, assuming he’s still there, is a great Muay Thai teacher. Otherwise most Muay Thai/K1/MMA gyms offer 121 training but it’s not typically all round personal training I don’t think, and rarely accompanied by qualifications outside of fight experience etc.
  3. There are quite a few businesses that seem to be doing ok. Poor old Walkley - upgrade from just having a big Netto and a greasy spoon and everyone cries gentrification (and did someone really say yuppies? I can’t say as I’ve met too many round that way...), slow down the rate of change and everyone says it’s dying a death. Walkley has some nice restaurants and a few decent places to drink, not to mention an amazing library run by people who pour their hearts into trying to build and support the community, and Abbeydale Road is miles away, so whether it looks like Wall Street or Skid Row, I choose Walkley every time.
  4. There's gigs everywhere, city centre and outskirts. This is an incredible city to ply your trade as a band. If you're specifically thinking of Green Room/Hop end of town, The Washington and The Dev Cat are both doing stuff.
  5. I can't see why people get hung up on what shops are in town vs at Meadowhall or whatever. It's got the basics, it's good a good range of pubs and bars, it has good events (I enjoyed the food festival the other week, ran the half marathon from the centre, etc), the Tramlines fringe stuff and the fact any time of year you can go and see at least one band of pretty much any genre any day of the week for nothing or not much, you can park all over the place for not that much (try that in Leeds)...and it's a generally friendly place (football nights and West Street after 9 notwithstanding) whether you're out on the tiles or out with the kids, I never feel threatened in Sheffield. I served 10 years time living in Nottingham city centre and believe me, great shops do not make for a pleasant and welcoming city centre. Im a bit surprised more people haven't just dismissed the OP based on calling Sheffielders a bunch of pie and peas racists frankly. As far as I can see this city has a lot of pride in its diversity, and builds it's personality on a blend of traditional values and diverse influences. And yes that diversity spans political left and right as much as it spans different races and cultures, Im not pretending Sheffield is free from any of the political tensions that seem to be pervading the U.K. and beyond just now, but I do think Sheffielders typically find a way of handling them better than most, making for a truly "friendlier up north" place to be.
  6. If you have no joy on here, tap up the Bare Fist Boxing Association up in Bolton on their Facebook maybe.
  7. Hi, I've seen a couple of really old posts about Silat in Sheffield but does anyone teach it nowadays? Same question re: Kali? Hope so but suspect not!!
  8. I second Apollo Taxis. Always used to use them as S1 Taxis before they merged. I play in bands and often need a black cab at a specific time, they never let me down. Drivers always seem particularly sound as well.
  9. Hi, appreciate this is a much-posted subject but most posts I've seen are from 2013 at the latest, so after any more recent views. We're shifting from Walkley shortly and have seen some nice houses in Ecclesfield and Chapeltown. We're moving to accommodate a growing family, so we need to be somewhere with decent schools and that's ideally a friendly place to grow up. From some of what I've read on here and elsewhere these places could be good, others almost suggest if I move there I should make sure to bring a gun and a stab vest. I imagine the truth is somewhere in between! So, any thoughts and experiences welcome!
  10. Best selling local author Gavin Extence will be at Walkley Library on 10th August at 7:30 pm to launch his new book "The Empathy Problem". Entry to this event is by ticket only. For tickets or more information please contact library@walkleylibrary.org.uk, 01142312947 or call in at the library.
  11. There's a decent-sized scene in Sheff for that kinda thing so I'd suggest getting down those gigs (used to be at the Broomhall Centre) and finding people there. And if you're going to do one, make it like the good 80s stuff and not this silly chest-beating in tracksuits nonsense people like today
  12. Hi, I want to get back into martial arts following a lengthy break but due to work and family commitments, the only time I could train is between 3 and 5pm. Thus far I've been able to do some boxing training but I really miss the broader training of other martial arts. Appreciating most teachers also have jobs and so I'm likely to have no joy, I thought it was worth asking since if there's one thing Sheffield doesn't lack, it's martial arts schools!
  13. Join us at Walkley Library for a fully illustrated one hour talk by Jude Warrander about her experiences working as a volunteer teacher in a remote rural area of Nepal. Entry is free but a donation is suggested, to be split between the library and the Nepal schools trust
  14. It's historical fiction and history day at Walkley library this Saturday (30/04). There will be a history-themed book sale in the morning, with books at very low prices to raise funds for the library service. This will be followed by a book signing by Kate Mitchell - author of The House Fell On Her Head (a historical fiction novel set in Walkley!) - from 12-1pm Finally there will be an historical fiction writing workshop 1:30-3 led by Kate Mitchell from 1:30-3. It's only £5 to participate, please contact the library to reserve a place. Hope to see you there!
  15. Hi, please feel free to remove or edit this if it's not appropriate but I thought it may be of interest to the group members. Walkley Library are hosting a creative writing workshop "Writing Historical Fiction", led by Kate Mitchell (author of The House Fell on Her Head, a locally-set novel based in WW2). If you'd like to book a place on the workshop, please email library@walkleylibrary.org.uk, phone 0114 2312947 or just ask in the library. There is a cost of £5 to join the workshop. On the same day there will be a fund-raising book sale in the library and Kate Mitchell will be signing copies of her book from 12-1. Thanks very much, hope it's of interest to some of you!
  16. So I'm going to try and help despite the answer being probably no. There are no clubs I'm aware of for country music in Sheffield, whether you mean a club that plays that music or a club such as the rock n roll clubs, ie groups of like-minded people who get together and organise regular nights in a venue. There are semi-regular gigs arranged by Wagonwheel, mostly at the Greystones, which span country, folk and "Americana". Some great bands have come through Sheffield at those gigs. There are bluegrass bands including Aprille and the Shower (who play semi-regularly at the Gardeners Rest and other less central places), and country/bluegrass/folk from The Porch Lizards. There are also great bands doing a country take on more modern music such as The Clench. And a lot more in the Americana bracket such as Fargo Railroad Co. So no club to speak of, but a scene that borders on country in many places if you want to keep an eye out for it. Have fun whether that helps or not!
  17. Thanks, bit far out for me unless I'm passing that way though. Hopefully I'll get chance to go check it out anyway
  18. Hi, I'm after some cross-sections of tree (as opposed to split logs for burning) and just wondered if anyone knew of any garden centres, friendly tree surgeons, people who've had a load of trees cut down where I might be able to get my hands on some? Ideally about 12+ inches across and 3+ inches thick. Thanks, sorry if this should be posted elsewhere
  19. Only place we found with a consistently good pool temperature was Dronfield leisure centre. Bit of a trek though. If you're after lessons, blue water swimming in Chesterfield are great and had a really nice, warm pool. But closer to town there's also Puddleducks at Momentum Leisure centre, though it can be pretty cold some days. Both do weekend classes. Hope that's some help
  20. If there aren't any groups now, I'm sure there soon will be. I'd never heard of this as a condition until very recently then saw this today after being at a meal last night with two people who's partners both have it. And you have my absolute sympathy for what little it's worth as it sounds awful enough trying to get it diagnosed, let alone dealing with it.
  21. To my (probably limited) knowledge there aren't many vegetarian restaurants besides Pure On Raw. You've got Blue Moon at the cafe end of the spectrum, and also some great vegan food from "pop-ups" Make No Bones - who can sometimes be found at The Riverside - and Rockerbellas (both on Facebook). But since Kumquat Mae shut I don't know of any vegetarian only restaurants. Lots of places with great veggie options, especially with some of the great recent Sri Lankan/South Indian places (Rama's Bridge, for example). Old House used to do a mean veggie pie.
  22. I don't think that's the cause. I've never bought a car based on an advert, a car's not a fun or aspirational purchase for me - it's a means to an end. I buy a car to enable me to get to work and to drive myself and the family around, to get places not to enjoy the leisure of driving. The frustration comes from that necessity - if I'm late for work I probably have to work harder or later, if I'm late back then I lose a chunk of my evening so I want to keep that driving time as low as possible. If I'm stuck on the M1 or behind some idiot going half the speed limit ("it's a maximum, not a target" oh just shut up), I get wound up as I'm focused on the consequences of a situation beyond my control. Or I try to take control of the situation which can mean some dubious driving practices. In my experience that's more likely the reason drivers get wound up, not because we all thought it would be like zooming around the Pyrenees. Personally I don't mind cars, bikes or motorbikes as long as they don't hold me up. It's all about getting from A to B.
  23. Thanks. I've dug around and found an email address so will give that a go but that's good news if you think they're still running. Cheers
  24. Does anyone know if the Wing Chun classes run by Richard Baines are still happening on Carwood road? And if so any idea what days/times? All the info on the net looks a bit old now and I think the main website has vanished
  25. I can't believe (well I can, unfortunately) this thread has become about what an idiot you have to be to buy used goods on trust in an emergency. I've done the same and bought a fridge (without trying it) from Preloved when I was in a bind because I needed something cheap, there and then and I don't like avoidable debt (because god knows, there haven't been any harsh lessons learned on an international level about our collective willingness to jump into debt over the last few years). I was lucky, the fridge worked fine (still use it in fact, not bad for £25). I can't believe people are saying someone in a similar predicament basically deserved what they got when their washer didn't. They're not asking for the world to apologise for the cruelty of fate, all they're trying to do is warn people in a similar predicament to be careful of buying in the same scenario and to HELP PEOPLE learn from their harsh lesson. Seriously if you can't do anything more than tell people who are having a hard time how they basically deserve it, you are a poor human.
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