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  1. Anyone know when next carboot is at Hillsborough Arena?
  2. Any idea if they took any photos with it being 'cancelled'?
  3. Been wanting to do this for years, got a few ITB issues but wont let that stop me, hoping the weather will keep ok
  4. Is the gym up near moonshine lane still open? fitness studio??
  5. Anyone any idea where the stall that sells trainers down the moor has gone?
  6. Was plusnet one the broadband told to block torrent sites?
  7. Great, cheers waldo, with darker nights now here, this is the only ideal time to run 4me
  8. To join one of the park runs is it just a case of turning up? or do you have to register/pay? Cheers guys
  9. Yeah i would be interested, get in touch with details where at etc.. Cheers
  10. Whatever happened to the dev cat meets?
  11. I was kind of enjoying watching him ruin his life and that just made it a whole lot worse
  12. You have to start somewhere.. But no, not all people that go to the meets are perverts..
  13. Its not exactly desperate, she is only asking, they do meets on here you could try? Then you meet people through people.
  14. Doesnt the PS4 have a kinect type device too??
  15. This sounds decent, can i buy a ticket on the day?
  16. Sounds like Rihanna, pon de replay?
  17. Has anyone any tips for a sinus headache?
  18. Maybe it was the whole walking naked women on leish in your back garden would have been a start....
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