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  1. high sped broadband and subscription tv + HD is not just "a little bit" tho is it? and he whinges about spending a couple of quid on the bus!
  2. maybe I should quit my job do nowt and get high speed internet and sky HD live the life of riley we all must be stupid having jobs ect this is the real deal
  3. he has also a post on the best fibre optic internet!! maybe if he spent more time looking for work then trying to find the fastest speed broadband to watch jeremy kyle best bits on youtube....
  4. I know what you mean you are going to get some money that people have had to work for and then pay taxes, to give to you who has done nothing to earn this money and then to top it off you "waist" a pound or two on the bus, and I bet you have missed jeremy kyle what is the country coming to
  5. tv often crashes, internet goes off, people keep calling asking for other people must be about 5 diffrent names now, you ring them up a adviser tells you one thing later to find out what they said isnt true back to freeview and good old pay as you go dongle, like in the good old days of last year
  6. to cut it short I have had many problems with virgin media, I joined a 12 month contract and im about 4 months in and want to cancel, they told me I cant I need to pay rest of year off but have had a really poor service overall and refuse to pay them one more penny, anything I can do?
  7. does anyone know where I can get a simple laptop from just for surfing the net like facebook and youtube wireless internet ect for under £80??
  8. anyone spotted any? Izzy stood up no hard hat for sally where did john get that badge from
  9. might buy a plantpot and have some fun with them billand ben style
  10. am not paying, might just buy a right load of traps, or shoot em for a laugh
  11. buy one get one free pound each at tescos
  12. aaahhh gleadless valley where I used to play football with my ET look alike friend, a fresh burnt out car everyday while on the route to school and a chav on newfield shops asking for 20p so he can go in and get a 1 pound sherbert mix gleadless valley made sheffield what it is today
  13. there are a nest of rats in the privet bush between me and the neighbers ive been looking into getting one of them things where you plug into the wall and it keeps them away, but also heard they just attract them?? poisen and snap traps may be the solution or if any of you have any other ideas??
  14. whats more annoying is the idiots who still dont know how to use them standing there for agers, or the ones with about 20 diffrent cards
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