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  1. I once had this, it turned out to be a virus and stopped inlooking on certain websites thenstopped me from looking at anything I had to use system restore probobly not that, not youshould be able to re-install it im sure the next pc nerd will tell you mate
  2. well, its giro day tomorrow, and on every giro day I treat myself to a bath and some hot food anyone know of good stalls in the castle market tobuy some meat?
  3. do you look through them? if not have a quick look its not too bad but the prices some people want for some things is just a complete joke, I think theyre should be more mods on that section to boot the modern day del boys off!!
  4. a couple of years back there usedto be a short black haired lady who got on the bus at crookes and got on at town, andnearly always sat on the bus and kept bursting out laughing, just wondering if she is still around? always made the trip a lot more fun I always thought to my self it must be something really funny like someone has told her sheffield wednesday will be in the premiership soon
  5. something strange about the accent they ALL have, seems to be a fake posh southern accent and the phrase random is always a must
  6. he is often on the chase and has said a couple of times he lives near graves park and is a teacher just out of intrest im wondering if he teachers/tought at my old school newfield green?
  7. thinking out where to take my 11 month old this saturday and I thought of eureka as it is not far as I live near leeds looks good and heard good things, does anyone know if it is just for older children or if some things are suitable for under 1's? also abit confused about the pricing 0-11months free 1-2 toddlers £3.45?? what about 11 and a half month olds just out of intrested?
  8. anyone know any programmes/films filmed in sheffield? I know 4 I.D when saturday comes the full monty this is england 86
  9. I went to hallam booze today, which is Ideally located near the train station in the city centre I purchased a bag of ready salted crisps and a can of coke, the crisps was perfectly salted that lovely goldern brown colour and great crisp crunch the only place that does these type of crisps is hallam booze!! and the coke was to die for, perfectly fizzy and ice cold, a bargain at £3 for the both this place would be Ideal for valentines day, to take the loved one for a quick snack into this fine store, the staff are ALWAYS friendly they also offer a GREAT range of sandwiches that would put subway to shame, also at great low price and taste just fantastic!!! also this venue is a great place just to pop into for lunch, and if you buy anything that is out of date they do not even argue to giveyour money back!!!! like that 9month out of date sandwich I bought recently im just passing the good word on people, by FAR the bext place to go in yorkshire to buy food items/beer bread for even milk hallam booze just next to the train station follow the signs for the bus station
  10. only because it would be to a "ethnic" dont want to be racist now do we..... btw yes I would torture him to save 300 lives
  11. becuase its better then watching come dine with me and dancing on ice
  12. think we may just end up having it at home as baby number 2 is due 21st april too so the excess spare funds will def be handy, and chances are people will cancel too
  13. looking for a place to hold a 1st birthday party on feb 26th must have at least 6 highchairs, with around 30-40 people attending obviusly many children Ideally close or in the city centre does anyone know of such a place that would be Ideal? thanks
  14. indeed I would hide in the bushes for a week, the days before I would find just enough food for me to survive for the week and get my hands on pen and paper to note down all the movements as they happen regarding the bin situation times of people taking things to the bins so I could work the on average times when no one goes near the bins, times when the bin men come obviusly and local hide spots for when I know people are about with my pen and pad I would also do a sketch map of a 2 mile radius around my new future bin home
  15. I would be clever and find out the day the bin is taken, and not sleep in it the night before the bin men are due to come
  16. looking for a room ideal for after wedding party/disco close to city centre
  17. yes I was there at that date and saw it full, although I short changed the staff and they didnt notice so im afraid I cannot come forward incase I have to pay the 58p
  18. unlike walker and naughton, do you think we will be able to fight off the big boys for these two and hold on to them for maybe a late play-off push?
  19. ah the old "I dont know why I did it I just did"
  20. thinking of getting a freeview record box cheapest ive seen one is £71, havnt researched much about it but daft question maybe here........ all the freeview channels already on record box right? and dont have to put normal freeview in aswell.....
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