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  1. im planning on going to the shops on thursday does anyone know the weather?
  2. I would glady give an old sheffield lady with a owl on her head £2.00 would call the police on this foreign scammer tho
  3. put it for sale on here for £200 plenty of del boys on this forum
  4. heard recently they wasted 1 billion on trying to widen the M25 cameron the twit is so easy to take the money away but cant spend it wisely for his life think we helped to bail greece out to not too long back, that would have been millions if not billions and yet only 1 bog in manchester
  5. make them think you are real hardnuts like that irish family from shameless, when they are around pretend not to notice them and pretend to have a phone convo to someone on your mobile and say "yeah thats what I mean, if I hear one more noise from them bloody neighbers we will get steve alan and jeff round to teach them a leason"
  6. if we made one, it would not be a good idea to show the relatives.....
  7. anyone is from anywhere now in sheffield so probobly
  8. indeed we should have been like wed*esday when they was relegated from the premiership, when they went down they did not overspend on wages on players that did not produce, that would have effected them over a long time with them relying on free transfers and probobly 2 drops down to 3rd tier football with probobly 3 or more chairmans in a 10 year period
  9. I once had this problem on a computer game called grand theft auto what I did was backed my car up got out and blew the cars in the way up with a rocket launcer, then I got back in my car rammed the other cars out of the way and went back to cj's mums house to have a brew from all the rolling on the baller cats and hanging with the homies in the hood wich my day considerd of.
  10. I wonder if they was drinking when they invented the bucket of chicken, in what decade in what place did people eat chicken out of a bucket? also large kebabs/folded pizza out of a shoebox
  11. probobly just rats like in most cases
  12. calm it down league 1, go and give swillsborough a lick of poundland paint
  13. this is rubbish, just all about football names and first letters boring!!
  14. probobly wont get comp, but mentioning trading standards when complaining might help
  15. have just registerd on wikipedia, can anyone tell me what the minus (red) and plus (green) numbers mean in the my watchlish section next to the edits?
  16. buy a pack of brillo pads on a serius note, when cement still wet put bricks and water in and that will loosen the cement up moor and it will stick to the bricks when spinning round and less to the mixer.
  17. she already does those two things for me anyway
  18. keerching postman pat will be delivering my big fat juicy giro soon!! any of you seen any good things for women this valentines apart from chocolates and flowers? or have a really good idea? please do share
  19. used to go to the one at mansfield just a posher version of mcdonalds, the prices are sky high tho if your going to eat fatty crap you might as well pay as little as you can for it
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