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  1. first of all be sarcastic the main aim is to distrupt the thread helps to make it funny, noone likes a serius troll use your views to the opposite much like the sarcastic one, EG you think asylum seekers get too much money, pretend to be a asylum seeker and make out you do not get enough money for such items like big fast cars, widescreen televisions laptops and the main aim in this is to entice somepeople to think you are serius and get them to agree. goodluck
  2. when do you think this fine forum will be no more? do you think there will become am massive deline and the whole internet will just shut down or possibly the owner just decides to end the era and just keep it as a distant memory or it will just have less and less users and no one decides to use it any more another forum comes and pinches all the punters all of mankind evolves back into monkeys with the monkeys probobly not knowing how to use a computer it will go on until the world ends or a other option......
  3. ex mansfield town and chesterfield fc player alan O'hare has returned to mansfield town fc with a 2 week trial on the pie stand
  4. im sick of them racists using such words as "chinky's"
  5. this is like saying I applied to push a old lady in front of a 80 mph car, got rejected permission by the police and got the right to appeal aginst it
  6. it was reported that a spaceship was chased and then crashed, shortly later to find out that the spaceship was chased by the RAF and all the crashed pieces from the alien flying pimp wagen moved and destroyed.
  7. what makes me happy is going to the local park and feed the ducks poisoned bread and watching them die slowly
  8. I prefer the first football chant ever "he banged the leather for goals" and heres one I made earlyier b b b biro giro, thank you everyone, thank you for paying your taxes im going to sign my g g giro with my b b b biro biro giro by mystery man 2011
  9. hello there it was me!!! 10;30 ish am at the halifax cash machine machine in town next to mcdonalds, £100 I am ok to collect on thursday.
  10. well my partner and i maybe moving to sheffield just before the birth of our 2nd child and would like opinions on the hospitals in the area. what the labour ward and birthing suite is like? also scbu and postnatal ward? many thanks
  11. :hihi: too true moved here nearly a year now the least said about it the better, much prefer sheff!!
  12. not too easy have got young child statistics dont look bad frompolice.co.uk
  13. couldmod please change title to tinsley thanks
  14. yeah sorry people its tinsley right next to big roundabout and meadowhall
  15. does anyone know what darnall is like at the start of greasboro road? could possibly be moving there soon I know its no dore or totley, but I do not know much about the area so have not added it to my avoid list of gleadless valley/firthpark/manor top/ arbourthorne. presume its took a knock but dont know how hard since the days of the city's million pound steel industry.
  16. what is it with loud fat annoying blokes recently? chris moyles grrr james corden grrrr and that wonga bloke ARRRRGRRRRRRRRRRR I would like to inflict SERIUS pain on him sorry its just that fat loud annoying peopelare the WORST!!!!
  17. so maybe when we beat the germans twice we should have just let them all come over :loopy::loopy::loopy:
  18. no they cant I recently liften one of their wallets while they was on duty and they couldnt lift a finger while I was running off laughing I briefly turned around to see the guard, who had a tear in his eye I opened his wallet which had £875 in it and tucket a fiver under his hat string round his chin.
  19. didnt you lot sell tickets for last seasons must win game against palace for a tenner per adult? you can hardly talk about uniteds ticket offers :loopy::loopy:
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