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  1. when you next have 12 hours spare research the forum on it only then will you know the full story.
  2. have a picnic in buntings nook break into meadowhall find the bodybags find the tunnel upto manor castle see if spring heeled jack is knocking about this time of night look in the sky for ghost planes
  3. is a old sheffield native might say "put a bob in't watter meter"
  4. quite right, I suppose they think "whats in it for us" I first thought they would not mind it with small shop owners going in I would think they would like a few 1's for change in their tills, but obviusly not
  5. I belive there is a option to donate all the coins to local charities, but did not know the service charge went to them.
  6. I cant belive how hard it is to swap 1 and 2p's!! we have been putting copper coins into a money box for a while, so when its full to buy something for our young son (we buy him things with pound notes usually!! just thought this would be fun to do) so couple of days back it was full, so we emptyed it counted it and see where we could change it into notes the post office would not do it, all the banks would not do it unless you are members with them, our bank was closed at the time, we will get them changed later in the week at our bank but we cant belive how hard it is to change currency. maybe a new job for the 3.2 million pound bonuses a year these bank managers are getting. I know there is coin star but they take a chunk as "service charge" soon I think the "public service" and doing things to help people out will be no more.
  7. when the time is right if I could choose, I would choose being bit by the freebee while carrying poundland shopping bags or a pianno falling on my head while walking down the street
  8. yes she owes me a tenner never heard anything from her since I lent it her.
  9. they all are discusting awful frozen fake crap they are for people who cant cook
  10. anyone remember ernest and hilda priestley from attercliffe common and then gleadless valley?
  11. next itl be "where do I go to wipe my arse in sheffield"
  12. although I agree with you about this countrys poor foreign policy but because you are bad mouthing the immigrants you well get tied to the nearest tree and have eggs pelted at you this is a VERY pro immigrant forum just letting you know
  13. those dodgy chavs who sold pirate playstation games on the moor
  14. haha 9 times out of ten I think its more 3 times out of ten
  15. I was asked for a coffee, which was sugard and I dont like suagr so the nice lady snatched it off me like I was allergic to sugar then poured the coffee over my had I left her a £5 tip
  16. I think £10 for a small bag of popcorn and waterd down small coke is a reasonable price
  17. thanks for all your reply's people I just want a site with plain stats not the "they are not as bad for us then you think" rubbish its like mcdonalds providing you with the sugar leves ect then putting above "it is not really unhealthy" I can make my own mind up thanks I dont need someone to convince me of something!!
  18. this just seems like a load of crap defending them instead of actual information, thanks anyway
  19. you go to uni but are not clever enough to find out where you would get a job..... need some advice on how to get dressed too?
  20. does anyone know directly if there is a website I could go on giving me numbers of asylum seekers in the uk, and things like what percentage are on benefits never worked ect? thanks
  21. probobly cameron trying to make a few quid
  22. this is surely a mistake as alot can tell you on here, asylum seekers do no wrong
  23. maybe a future history find tool for the future, for someone in 200 years to go onto the sheffield forum bring back the flood threads to read about such times in sheffield history. or to read back to a time before david cameron turned england into a third world country, and some belived in him.
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