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  1. Ha but you see, this might just be a double edged sword.See , it might be a little bit sexist to assume ALL women read these magazines:suspect:

    I for one can't stand them, they are as you say crap! Why would you assume it's the woman's job to do the ironing anyway eh ? eh?:hihi:


    you have such petite hands and are good for such tasks as ironing washing up cooking, maybe even other tasks

  2. i don't think he works there i think he just hangs around. i have also seen him hanging around the shops on sharrowvale road in the winter, still with his shorts and long socks on!

    I remember him walking around with a empty bucket and moving things around for stalls could be wrong


    every summer I check man utd's transfers just in case.

  3. I always find it funny to go into the newsagent glance at the womans magazines and see headlines such as "my husband tried to kill my mother in law then our dog" "he took all my jewlery to swap for beer" and "I think my boyfriend is a secret crossdresser and hates puppies" so I had a look in one of them yesterday to find out that most are such far fetched crap you could ever read.


    I wonder what would happen if there was a mens magazine with such headlines as "she never does the ironing" there would be all out riots.


    so then, do you think like me that sexism is so one sided and got out of hand?

  4. anyone know if that bloke who works at the castle market with the old football style shorts and usually old man utd top quite tall and skinny still works there?


    have not been to sheffield for agers so have not seem him, always talked to him about vintage cars and fasionwear


    I wonder what he will do when the markets close down.

  5. something .22 or .25 with about 11ft lbs min is a must as rats are quite hardy, and a good hard pellet! ive shot a few cleanly that have then run off.

    horrible things!


    often get some in the garden due to living in leeds and the back alleys always filled with trash


    thought if I wanna kill some have some fun with it


    thanks for the advice

  6. hit the addicts hard at a time like this is a great Idea!!


    make non sobar simon pay more for his fixes, at a time like this we really cant be messing about and need to get to it, leaving cigs and alcahol at the same price would have been stupid.



    also the rise to 50k for immigrants is another great move.

  7. i start my new job in the police force on wednesday , after 20 yrs of my current job i had "had enough" so my brother in law who is a sergeant in the force talked me into it , the thing i am asking is , ....what do the general public really think about the service the police provide ?



    to be honest if you are nervous about being a copper you should not be one


    all good coppers have very high confidence.

  8. hi there thank you all for your info, yes we are able to do as much as we can in different ways, so long as its done in one week and raise as much as we can.


    we would love to use the radio stations but they are out of bounds as its through them we are doing the competition, all the proceeds go to cash for kids in and around sheffield


    if I give you a good idea will you give me a good chunk of your commision money after?

  9. when they installed the lifts at hallamshire hospital they tested one lift to go to the top but it got stuck due to the shaft not being levelled upright and too small the lift is still there stuck today.


    thats why there is always one lift not working there

  10. heres a couple


    today I saw a fat girl at the bus stop she was wearing a shirt that said "I love hip hop" the c and the s must have fell off


    went to the gym today, tried the new machine it made me feel sick, it does kit-kats mars bars and crisps


    im here all week!!!

  11. im sick of being asked this when seing people in town I know!!


    no I dont want to sit in plastic starbucks with all the pretend snobs while we soon find out we have nothing to say sipping on a tall skinny roast bean latte mocha aka nestcafe but harder to make


    would I want to go for 8 pints yes


    would I want to go chase some stray dogs while dressed as elvis yes


    do I want to go on a whisky themed night and make some prank phone calls yes


    but I dont want to waste a hour drinking coffee oreyt!!!!


    and how many coffee shops do we NEED?

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