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  1. Sanctuarys online info is a bit hit and miss so I'll call them. Nothing lost if it's changed but a nice bonus if it still applies 😉
  2. To repeat one of the above... Use the council. I think you get one free per year if you rent from them or about £30 if not (don't quote me on the price) I used them a while back and they had an "up to" amount of items for the price. If you have other things that you need to get rid of, do it it one go and save a few quid.
  3. I don't think the 5S is getting IOS 13 (SE upwards) I just checked on mine and the latest update is 12.4.3
  4. zach


    You just need the motherboard make/model. Chances are it would be either ESC or F2 to access it.
  5. zach


    😂 Yes! That works too! BUT...there's always a miserable sod that wants a function key followed by the above that spoils the fun.
  6. zach


    It all depends on the make/model how you get into the BIOS... F2, ESC ect etc. On more modern motherboards you now have UEFI which can be a tad more complicated. The same functions are still there but quite a few more such as secure boot etc. Most have a profile setting, I always tell people to save a working profile before you change things, or just reset to defaults if things go wrong. If you list your PC/Laptop make & model, we should be able to find out the key press to access it.
  7. zach


    You can get the error message if things change or if the motherboard loses power, it usually just resets to the default settings. Unless you've been in there and set some things other than the default, it won't cause problems. It could be the CMOS battery that's on it's last legs, if it happens again, give us a shout . In most cases it's a cheap and easy fix.
  8. I get the impression that GPs are more bothered by the general guidelines given to them about any addictive medication rather than looking at each person as an individual. I agree that sleep problems are usually caused by other issues... but, a good sleep pattern can also be a good step to fixing some of these problems. Good luck with trying to get that point across to your GP!
  9. I pretty much do the same. Install OS Install all updates Install all main programs I use Image the HDD Keep the new image until I break things...again!! It takes about 5 minutes to create the image and about 10 to restore using Macrium.
  10. I'd always avoided that program as I thought it would be pants...or no pants as the case is! I've watched a few and the odd one has been quite good. A short, sharp lesson on how to survive with no food, water and clothes.
  11. Give it a go. Although I've never done a NUC build, I hear they work very well.
  12. Update the BIOS before you clean install Waj. There's been a lot of updates to the Ryzen platform.
  13. Your post sounds so much like my Mums situation. She's also in her 80's and stuck with Talktalk for years, and told it was the fastest that was available. I eventually convinced her to shop around. Her internet speeds were pathetic and ok for a bit of slow web browsing but not much more! She now has a 80 down 20 up from BT. I'm not trying to plug BT as there are plenty of others that will do you a good deal. If you're streaming video (iPlayer/Netfix etc) I'd look at the 30's down as a start point. That would give you the option of a couple of streams at the same time. For the £27 a month you mention, you should have no problem getting much higher speeds as long as your line is capable. If you don't mind giving your post code, that will help find out your maximum speeds.
  14. I think it was Ghozer that mentioned Medion is a Lenovo company. I bought a cheapy from Tesco a few years ago and that's still going strong. At £350 (ish) for a 50" smart TV with a 5 year warranty, I thought it was worth the risk. As said above, the screen quality isn't up to the more expensive ones of mine...but certainly watchable. The smart apps can be quite slow. I heard talk on here that most of the cheaper TVs come from a factory in Turkey and then get re-badged. It might be worth a look on AV Forums to see if there's any mention of the one you're looking at.
  15. Thanks all for the replies. I'll go with the recommendations on the shower unit and if needed, I'll have the wiring upgraded.
  16. You're right, thanks for the pointers.
  17. Good point that I didn't know. I know the shower cable was fitted when the electric hob wiring was installed. If you mean 10mm by how wide the cable is, it's easily that wide. Your comment does open up new questions though. It might be better if I get it checked properly.
  18. We will be needing a new electric shower in the near future and I was just wondering if anyone can give any pointers as to which to buy. It will need a decent flow rate/KW etc. Not bothered about whistles and bells, just a decent quality shower. No option for power shower or the mixer type, just cold supply. Also, any idea of install costs? All the pipe work and wiring is there. Thanks.
  19. I think that's the key to swapping over, if you have a bit of time, do it gradually. Here's a list of email providers I use in order of how well they work. Gmail - No issues to date Live/Outlook - No issues to date Yahoo - Plenty of sync issues. Plenty of server down issues. My 2 Yahoo addresses are being retired, not worth the trouble!! Another thing I never do is use ISP email addresses. It's not because they are bad, it's just because I don't know how long I'll be with them. I hope the move goes OK Earthling and you know where we are if you need any more tips/advice.
  20. Changing an email address can look a bit daunting at first but it isn't that bad. First, get a new email address. I find Gmail fairly good but the choice is yours. Send a bulk email to all friends a relatives that have the old one, letting them know your new email. This can be done in one send. As for banks and other companies, do it online if you can (most allow this) or a quick phone call should sort it. Lastly set up a redirect from your old talktalk email to your new email address. This should show you any that might have been missed. As said above, paying for emails isn't really needed.
  21. As above, monthly subscription now. I think older versions can still be bought outright but I doubt they will be the ones used in her course work. It's also worth your niece asking her tutors if the college has any agreements/offers with Adobe. Most of the big companies such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft etc all have education discounts. You just need to provide her student number and college email as far as I remember.
  22. The bloke on the cheap specs advert. "I tell people I paid £6 for these...and they're shocked" My God man, I bet you're a blast to chat with during the the lunch break!!! 😂
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