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  1. How dare you be so rude! Oh, banter...I get it.
  2. And that's the problem. You can't say jack (no pun intended) without someone taking offence or turning it into a race/religion thing. Maybe I just say it as it is, and I'm not going to stop any time soon.
  3. That is also for Jack. Note the word 'playful'
  4. OK, you are that frail. No problem. So, now that's out of the way. My last reply to your 'over reaction' video about brainwashing children. Any thoughts on how and why the children replied the way they did?
  5. Oh, come on Jack. You're not that frail that you can't take a bit of banter are you?
  6. You're not the brightest bulb in the pack are you. Totally missed the point. Children tend to follow the ideas and ways of parents and peers. When you ask a young child a question, you're going to get a reply that corresponds with their age and intelligence. Then we get the adults that see it as shock and awe! And add the words Brainwashed and Viral, just to sell it to the narrow minded.
  7. Are children born and automatically believe in a religion or support a certain football team etc etc. Is that brainwashing too? Should we put videos on here about that?
  8. This seems fitting. Engage brain > think > type/speak Agreed!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked and not an option at my address.
  10. What a joke that link is. If BT had got it's finger out much earlier and upgraded the network, instead of big bonuses for the fat cats. We wouldn't have to pay for their seriously oversold network. I've been with them years but every month now, they are reducing my speeds...and the 101 excuses why it's happening. it's called DLM, that's in place and setup to save BT bandwidth.
  11. Fair enough. Your points well made. You decided against it. I don't have an issue with anyone making the same choices.
  12. Agreed, some were down right stupid and only extended any exposure. as for the 2 girls (I think) that got nicked for having a coffee on a park bench...beyond belief!
  13. I agree there has been far too much scaremongering. As i said, i have health issues, so i got the jabs. Not taking into account the scaremongering, don't you think the jab would be a good idea just for that extra bit of cover, like the flu jab. We all get to an age where they recommend the flu jab. Would it be a bad thing to get antibodies built up against COVID a bit earlier in life? It comes down to choice, just a thought.
  14. OK, so you do agree there is a pandemic that kills people, but you don't agree with how it's been handled with respect of the jabs, masks etc etc? My thoughts were. With the health problems I have, do what I can to limit serious illness. Nothing more, nothing less. You decided that the jabs and masks were not needed? About right? Genuine questions, and my reason. The same as you're entitled to your reasons.
  15. How can you possibly change the meaning of the word - Scamdemic? It only has one meaning, you don't believe it, and think it's all a scam. It's the waking up bit that concerns me! but thanks anyway.
  16. Odd stuff going on. Not quoting the post I want. Anyway... Very convenient snipping there. (last reply) I will, thank you.
  17. If it hadn't caused so many deaths, I'd laugh. Cause of death...Scamdemic. Pathetic!
  18. I'm glad you're starting to see the sensible side of things.
  19. I put the video in perspective. A scared child, a woman/nurse that maybe is putting the swab up his nose a bit too far and roughly. Any parent knows that children cry at a small injection that we would brush off as nothing (unless you have a fear of them). IMO it's just another over-reaction video that's posted to get more anti vaccine people shouting 'cruelty' to children/ The Vac is useless. Put the video in context, the young boy is just scared. It's a nose swab, nothing more! What does get me thinking is when a person thinks a cotton bud is an evil thing. Very strange!
  20. That's why I told the BBC that I won't be paying again any time soon. I only ever had a quick look at the news and that repeats every 10 minutes. Nothing else on that I'm bothered with. Netflix, Amazon and free 3 months of Britbox and Disney+ via BT & O2 (I won't be renewing Britbox or Disney) I watch a film or TV when I want, and much more choice of what I want.
  21. At last! Someone who understands the ways of the digital world! You can only do your best to limit it, but information WILL get out via someone, or somewhere. It doesn't matter what OS or smart phone you use. Then there's all the other places that do it, such as Banking, DVLA, Councils, Utility companies, Online shopping. The list goes on and on. I don't look at porn and not much need for a bomb. I keep a VPN around as a 'might want to use'. Most of the time it's off. Changing DNS servers can help a bit, but they are all going the same way with regards to info tracking/selling. I think I paid about £35 for 3 years on my plan with CyberGhost. It was an offer, but they always have offers on (all of them) You bring a good point up though. Places like porn sites and and the likes will drop all kinds of crap on your PC. As the good living users of SF wouldn't do such things...no problem! Point being, your browsing habits could be a big factor. as could your social media use.
  22. Windows Antivirus is just on unless you install a 3rd party one. I honestly wouldn't install McAfee...30 day free or not! There's a thread on here that shows Windows 'free' built in one beat all the other 'paid/free' ones. It was a while ago and I think Ghozer started the thread, or added the info. I've tried a few VPN companies. I found CyberGhost gives the best results for me (PC/Tablet/Phone). The free ones tend to be a bit hit and miss, and very slow. If you've gone ahead and installed McAfee, you might want to have a read how to fully remove it from your system. It used to be an utter pain to fully get rid of, but they may have sorted that now.
  23. True. The scumbags will go for the easiest target.
  24. I've not bought Anti Virus for years. The one built in Windows is very good. I'm not sure you'll need a VPN. It depends on what your use would be, or what you think it will do for you.
  25. No problem Pat, I hope it works OK for you.
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