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  1. there was fault on some of the phone numbers earlier today. if you didnt get through, please try again in the morning
  2. to carry away the 2 coops and runs the night before (so quietly that I didn't hear anything -although it was quite windy so I might have not clocked any little noises) I suspect that this must have been adults as they are quite heavy and awkward to carry. I have very little hope of the police being able to do anything or that they will be returned
  3. no, not really valuable they cost £12-15 each to buy as 18 week olds. but they are my pets, so monetary value is not the issue. It's also the violation of property and personal space, and the worry of how many will go tonight, or tomorrow night
  4. Over the past 2 nights I've had 2 unused chicken coops stolen from outside my house in Southey Green. Last night the thieves broke into my chicken run and stole 2 of my chickens ( a distinctive reddy brown one and a black one - not the battery hen types that you see a lot of). they also emptied and stole my wheelie bin -presumably to transport the chickens. If you notice that your neighbours have become owners to a red rock and a block rock chicken overnight, could you let me or the police know. Many thanks ☹️
  5. Lets face it, you were wrong, about where the 40 limit starts and about the name of the supermarket. If posting the correct information is being pedantic, then I'm guilty on all counts
  6. its 40 from the Argos at Wadsley Bridge, right up past the LIDL (there isn't an Aldi on Halifax Road) and then back to 30 just before the end of the dual carriageway
  7. This is on face book, posted on 6th Aug Due to having a water leak on the ceiling of the bar the pub will be closed today and tomorrow therefore the quiz is cancelled tonight sorry for the inconvenience
  8. I got a letter over the weekend with a list of dates for resurfacing in my area
  9. To be fair to the RVS they haven't served 'luke warm drinks in polystyrene cups' for years.
  10. On line - Bella Coco is a great face book group, lots of tutorials on you tube and very supportive group members
  11. There was some sort of incident involving a lorry that looked like it may have lost its load or had some sort of collision on Longley Lane at the Barnsley Road end at around 5pm. That may have caused some some disruption
  12. Sadly very few drivers observe the 'H' markers. I've been unable to get onto my drive, or more annoyingly unable to get off my drive on numerous occasions at school arrival and home time. I try to avoid going out/getting home at these times but I'm often made to feel like I'm being unreasonable when asking people to move so I access or leave my home!
  13. It looks like the exit for Costco etc on the right of the picture. On the left hand side you can just see the where the on slip road from that junction rejoins the main carriageway
  14. I had rescued hens from a farm in Derby that laid for 18 months after I got them. (barn/ field hens, not all rescue hens have been caged). I recently got some new hens from Storrs Poultry out Penistone way. £12 a bird for a hybrid
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