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  1. I'm after some Sheffield Forum Help and advice I'm looking at getting my front and rear door and kitchen window replaced as well as a couple of other window panels that have misted up I've had a few quotes now and due to door sizes (too small for compesite) looking for UPVC So far I've narrowed my choice down to either - West Yorkshire Windows, Polar Windows or Sheffield Window Centre The only posts I can see appear to be 5 -10 years old and was after some more recent help, if anyone had any experience with these companies, or can recommend any others Many Thanks in advance
  2. I got one with roots on in a bucket from Wilco's in Hillsborough 7 years ago and have it in the garden for the rest of the year - still alive and looking good. I have also seen some really nice ones in buckets at B&Q at Hillsborough - I think for £25. If they last as long as mine has you can't go wrong
  3. It is very true what has been said about deciding upon an agent based purely on numbers. Just because you may get a great percentage for an ongoing management fee...the proof really is in the pudding. You have to investigate the true value that you end up with. My experience is that most low percentage and fees based around the tenant finding and management fees are effectively the hook. Once you are engaged into an agreement and things start to go wrong there are always hidden costs. Generally speaking you will end up shelling out on things like routine maintenance and any works required throughout the tenancy an agent added cost always gets passed across to you as the landlord. Try Force 10 Property Management, they offer a great personable service with absolutely no additional costs. https://www.facebook.com/Force10PropertyManagementSheffield
  4. I've had loads of these scam calls over the last 2-3 years. From what I have learnt is that some scammers are buying local line numbers and making voip calls. I spent almost 30 mins the other month, with someone in broken english telling me how to fix my windows pc, before I got board and told them that I didn't own a windows pc..... they hung up! My mums got the right answer, she tells them straight away that she doesn't own a pc - quick and easy and they hang up!
  5. Thanks all for your help. I used JBradleybz and yes they are GREAT! I phoned him up, got an immediate answer, came the next day, friendly service, great price - what more could you ask for
  6. Thanks, I'll be calling you in the morning
  7. Thanks all for your help. nat85, Brookhouse gas sounds good, especially if they offer the same service packages as british but cheaper. Unfortunately, I'm a new member on here so as yet can't PM, so if your reading this nat85 can you PM / email me their number. Thanks
  8. Hello all, Can anyone recommend any Gas Safe qualified boiler service companies / people for the Hillsborough area? Thanks
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