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  1. I've listened to Vocaloid versions of songs but thats really it, i've tried getting into Anime but i don't really know any good Animes that interest me as i like romance/comedy, my sister loves anime but she's not into that type. i usually watch dramas, and the music i like is Arashi, Utada Hikaru, X Japan (one of my favourite bands) DBSK (korean band but do Japanese songs as well as Korean) I find alot of asians (east asians) seem to stick to their own, i've never been to universary though.
  2. Shiregreen (it's very boring here lol) ---------- Post added 18-04-2014 at 01:02 ---------- After what?
  3. You haven't scared me haha, everyone seems really nice here, i just find it odd that there's dating websites but not one's to meet friends.
  4. I guess i've really nothing to lose, ok i'll take you up on this offer but you'll need to pm me and at least explain a little lol anyways i'm off to bed it was nice talking to you and everyone else Goodnight:wave: (I'll reply tommorow)
  5. Nope, that's mainly why i'm asking here, i live in Sheffield but i love asian (japanese/korean etc.) culture, and having such a unusual interest it's hard to find people who share it.
  6. I'm thinking but i still don't quite understand, sound's like a riddle to me lol can't think of what i can really give
  7. Is there anyone in Sheffield that's interested in Japanese/Korean and Taiwanese drama's? (even music)?
  8. 20,000 posts?? eh people actually have that many?
  9. I know you posted this in 2012 but i love k-pop, sorry can't play a instument can sing a few korean songs, wish k-pop/asian music in general was bigger in the UK (sheffield) love 2NE1! You probably won't even see this reply but i just had to
  10. I'm still here, my problem is i'm too shy, i'm fine once i get to know someone it's just the meeting part i suck at >_< julesmarie i guess you can call me lucky, i really want a job i did 8 weeks unpaid work experience and still didn't seem to meet anyone who really wanted to be my friend, it seems impossible to get a real job. I see different towns have meet ups it'd be quite cool to have one on here, everyone seems really friendly too, thank you everyone for the replies ---------- Post added 14-04-2014 at 23:28 ---------- It's what to say to them if i PM them, i don't want to sound like a weirdo or have them think who the hell is this person messaging me lol
  11. Hi, my name is Kelly, i'm 26 (27 this year), I want to meet new friends, people in sheffield, unfortunetly as i have gotten older i've lost touch with alot of my friends, they either got married/new partners/had children, whilst i am still single and as sad as it may sound virtually friendless, i'm still young and because at the moment i'm unemployed i have no way of meeting new people, i used to go out every weekend now i'm stuck in the house all the time. I love singing, dancing, music, tv, films etc. Would love to meet people with similar interests and not feel like a hermit anymore. I didn't know how else to meet others and i thought if it doesn't work doing this at least i haven't lost anything.
  12. at least your getting post, ours was bills and junk mail lol
  13. i hope you get your post u should if ive got mine, im not far from you at all
  14. im just off of bellhouse, you know the shops past bellhouse working mans club? im on the road to the right, shirehall road
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