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  1. How about.. Mon't = might not (like won't, will not) Flit = to relocate one's residence
  2. Incredibly Stackridge have recently been doing some come back shows. Aahh Sunday nights at the Black Swan, 1970's, pub rock etc, Kilburns, Brinsley Schwartz, Ducks Deluxe, yes indeed Patto but the biggest treat of all, Dick and the Firemen, anyone remember? (Phil Tarry are you listening?) SR
  3. Hey Kathy, Our friend Daoistcowboy sets the scene here for Sunday nights at the Broadfield, looks so good I might even go along myself, although this Sunday there is Cripple Creek at the Lescar, perhaps I go do both! http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=1316172#post1316172 SR
  4. We've got an old Epson 640 and just started getting cartridges from Tesco, Abbeydale Road, much cheaper than previous supplier, Cartridge World. Cheers SR
  5. I'd noticed how Matt & the guys had been slacking lately, this should keep them busy! Keep up the good work guys, what a wonderful eating and drinking hole. I wish you every success. SR
  6. It's got to be The Extras, without who etc etc.....
  7. Try this council site a couple of handy maps with details of hotels, one city centre and one suburban. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/maps
  8. We had a great time, even better thanks to the generosity of the fine people at The Last Laugh. Sound m.c., fine turns, ale and nose-bag. No complaints from any of my guests. It's been years since I've been to Thursday at the Lescar, forgive me and thank-you for having us back. Looking forward to coming down the Roundhouse again soon. On behalf of the Table 10 party, Stan
  9. Completely agree kentboy. Having lived on High Storrs Drive for over 20 years I can confirm we are in Greystones, On the A-Z the "Y" is in my back garden. Actually HS Drive is the boundary of the Greystones parish, if we'd mistakenly flitted to Mylor Road way back we'd unfortunately be in Ecclesall, argh no! There is no such district as High Storrs.
  10. My favourite? Me I'm Sheffield born and bred but I have to say..... Fuller's London Pride, just because it is.
  11. I got an Acoustic Solutions separate hifi type a couple of years ago, from Richer Sounds and it's great, despite only four presets. I'm no hifi buff but I can't tell any difference from old analogue fm tuner, especially with vol whacked up. Recently I also acquired a pure personal pocket type model, with earphones, not really loud enough, seems to vary between different stations? I freely admit I am a radio person, unfortunately I have had to stop referring to the apparatus as "a wireless" as a) seems inappropriate with DAB and b) "wireless" has been rekindled in the 21st century by the wifi fraternity. Don't you just love the randomness of radio, even given limited playlists it scors over a shuffling pod, imo. Sadly regularly listening to "the Arrow" whilst in the gym, is this the first sign of a blossoming mid life crisis? young Stan
  12. Consider replacement with extruded aluminium? Try Shelton Seamless Gutters, Greystones (0114 266 3655). Bob Shelton has replaced my old timber spouts, and many other properties in the area. Cheaper than timber, low maintenance, decent appearance and increased capacity. S
  13. Your thread rang a bell, I've found, stanshed away, a very dodgy cassette (ah, pre digital "technology") of Waiting for a Miracle, copied as I recall from a record from the central library, so you can guess the quality of the original. Also interestingly Clock DVA "Thirst" from the same era. Anyhow you're welcome to a copy of either or both on mc or md, purely for reminiscence purposes, of course. I really ought to have a proper clear out. Send a pm if you're interested. S
  14. Yes indeed, it's betwixt Heathrow & Slough, just outside the M25 and south of the M4. The old London - Bath road runs through it and the A4 is the Colnbrook by-pass. I recently rented a flat in the next village, rental is currently c.450 for a studio & £600 for a one bedroom. Colnbrook does have some relatively "cheap" property as it's not exactly the hub of anyobe's universe.
  15. It's now down a yard, on the Forum side of the road, look for the Jack's sign on Div St at the end of the yard.
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