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  1. I will soon have four kids and so I need something big with 7/8 seats unfortunately. I like the Quashqai+2 but ideally I'd like a Fiat 500 just for me. I love them; they look lovely.
  2. I really hope when my children start school they don't get somebody like you as their teacher. Your petty squabbling makes you not much better than the kids
  3. I wouldn't take my kids out of school when they get to their final two years of senior school but before then I will because with 4 kids we simply won't be able to afford a holiday peak time. I think it's important for children to have two weeks a year with their families, experiencing a different culture, seeing a different part of the world and getting that important uninterrupted relaxation time with their family. My husband and I will spend years stressed out if we don't have a holiday with our children because of overinflated prices and schools dictating to us. You can make a holiday a pretty educational experience too. I think next year I'll check out these Sun holidays but we can't go anywhere this year cos the baby is due June. We booked to go down to Devon in June incidentally before I knew I was pregnant and have jut thankfully got half our deposit back as we can't go
  4. I don't. All I'm interested in doing is keeping my job and that means following the training I've been given. That's all I'm bothered about. You want to go give your 5, 10 or 15 year old alcohol that's your decision - doesn't make you a criminal obviously, just a bad parent.
  5. Not a dog owner, not a dog lover in all honesty but I wouldn't object to having one around me in a cafe. I'd rather sit next to a dog and eat my lunch than near to somebody smoking which was perfectly acceptable a few years ago
  6. But kicking up a fuss is utterly futile, sorry. The decision would not be overturned and if you continued to cause hassle you'd just be escorted off the premises by security which would be far more embarrassing. Not worth the hassle I'd say.
  7. I'm a checkout cashier myself and like I said before I am very cautious because I have to be in order to keep my job, prevent myself from getting a fine and a criminal record but from what I gathered OP was simply doing his shopping and he had some beer in there didn't he? if I'd been serving him then no I wouldn't have questioned the fact he had his teenage daughter with him. If he was solely buying alcohol and had her with him it would probably raise my suspicions more. I really do think you need more proof though. If, for example, a colleague working on the wines and spirits aisle came and gave checkout staff a forewarning that an underage customer was picking out beverages they wanted for an above-age customer to buy then I think you are absolutely OBLIGED to challenge them about who they're buying the alcohol for but in cases like the OP's I do find it unnecessary. Obviously we aren't willing to risk our jobs etc but we also don't have to be stupid and pedantic about it.
  8. I think the crux of the matter is it was a silly refusal and all it takes is for the cashier to exercise a little judgement and common sense. However, you can complain as much as you want about this and it won't get you anywhere with the supermarket, trading standards nor the police. It may simply get you a ban from the supermarket if you are aggressive towards the staff.
  9. that may be true but if we suspect an adult is buying alcohol for a minor that is accompanying them then we reserve the right to refuse the sale. It's simply a case of using your common sense and if I see a parent buying a bottle of wine and a spirit for example and they had a minor with them I would be less suspicious, especially if it was with other shopping. If I had a customer accompanied by a minor and they were solely buying bottles of Smirnoff ice or WKD or something that would probably raise my suspicions and I would question it. If they simply said no it wasn't for the minor I would have to refuse the sale and my manager would back me up. Sorry, I know it's a pain for people but like I said before for me its simply not worth the risk. I need my job, I don't have ten grand plus to pay the fine and I don't want a criminal record.
  10. I work in a supermarket and yes I agree it's very stupid and makes us look pedantic and ridiculous sometimes. I've had to refuse people before and I've been threatened and abused over it which was pretty scary. However, we are CONSTANTLY having training on Think 25 and what the repercussions are of us selling alcohol that end up in the hands of a minor. I would lose my job, get a massive fine that I couldn't pay and I could even face prosecution. For me, it's really not worth the risk unfortunately so I'm super cautious. I agree though it's senseless.
  11. my eldest two are almost 3 and almost 4 and they get told to tidy their toys away and have done for a while. Start young and I'm hoping they will have good standards when they grow up and try their best to maintain tidy rooms of their own volition. also, they will be given chores when they're old enough too as I want them to appreciate that they have to do things for themselves in life. I don't think it's mean, I think it's meaner to not prepare them enough for what life is like when they're older and more independent with their own responsibilities.
  12. a pair of Uggs, a gender scan, socks, earrings, a beautiful scarf, a bracelet, some clothes, makeup and when I see family today apparently I have vouchers. the best bit though was my kids giddiness and excitement in the run up to Christmas coming. I think they were more excited about Santa coming and eating his mince pies and Rudolph his carrot than they were about their new toys haha
  13. For a Chinese takeaway in S2, near the Manor please. We used to go to Happy House on City road and then on two occasions we both got sick after eating there. the food was gorgeous but I'm pregnant and not gonna take the risk. Would really like Chinese food tonight but need a recommendation. Please, thanks and merry Christmas
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