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  1. Can anyone recomend someone to quote an install for 7 downlights in a bedroom?
  2. buy this, save all your games ect on it. saves cannot be transfered to different accounts. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-External-PlayStation/dp/B00TKFEE5S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519529181&sr=8-1&keywords=ps4+external+hard+drive+2tb&dpID=416cy9PhFGL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  3. socket is in my room cable comes direct from pole outside, at moment filter is in the test socket, no house phone. rj11 cable is 30cm to the modem. modem then cat6 to router. then cat 6 to my nas.pc.ps4,net switch ive fully factory reset router and left only the pc plugged in and also iv tried completely removing the router and the rest of the connected devices in the house by creating a direct ppoe connection to my ps4. and then switched to pc to run a few tests. im totally lost and think im going to have to change isp to at least to get some proper answers that arnt people sat behind a phone answeing "tech" questions everyday that read from a script constantly when origin split from digital region i stuck with them and my connection was 65/20 now its barely touching 50/17 an unexplainable drop (nothing can be done as still within my estimated tolerances of line speed) when i said about next door downloading fine,, their on 40meg package with sky. and have a faster throughput speed than me alot of the time in peak hours. from the pc side i have tested with various test file downloads that can be found online and in peak hours maxing out at 900kbps to 2.3mbps while the neighbour connection is getting over 4mbps peak hours on the same file from the same server.. (i ran a 30m ethernet from his router to my pc)
  4. modem & router are both brand new and in same room as the ps4 that ive tried wired and wireless. ive run a auto speed tester roughly every 30 mins for 24 hour and it shows a mojor difference between peak and off peak times.. but i know that wont be enough to prove anything as i just get told that "speed test arnt an accurate representation of real world results" also it could be the ps4 servers struggling in peak hours but why can the guy next door download things fine! my connection seems to go to SH*T at night between 6 and 12... unable to stream 1080p video sometimes let alone trying to stream anything in 4k... it seems to be when trying to do little things online like watch a video where i have problems aswell. if i download something p2p its slow for like 5 min then its like it thinks ohh he wants more bandwith and speeds up abit.. ---------- Post added 12-10-2016 at 15:02 ---------- http://imgur.com/a/NqbVx ---------- Post added 12-10-2016 at 15:03 ---------- as you can see my connection is allover the place but it deffo shows peak hours its suffering
  5. thanks for the reply.. its the same wireless and wired.. my ethernet cable to my router is only a 3m ethernet... i said in my post i tried putting the ps4 into the dmz, and tried creating a direct ppoe connection from the modem to totally bypass the router but still same.. speedtest have been run on speedtest.net and also btwholesale speed tests. My isp is origin broadband, ive contacted them who say nothing on my connection is getting managed/throttled. i also have a static ip address on both my broadband connection aswell as setting the ps4 to a static ip. im truly at a loss as to the problem, it can only be my isp that is doing SOMETHING!
  6. hi i need some help before i pull my hair out! im having a problem with my network and connection/downloads to my ps4... the problem and my attempts at a fix so far... trying to download a 18gig game says 30+hours remaining.. have tried forwarding all relivent ports..nothing have tried putting my ps4 into the dmz on the router..nothing changed MTU size..nothing.. changed DNS server to nothing changed DNS to openDNS 208.67.2020.220.. slight improvement but nothing major.. i have since upgraded my router to a Netgear nighthawk x6..nothing upgraded the standard openreach modem..nothing I then set up a PPOE connection direct from the modem to the ps4..nothing So as a final step i tried using my phone as a wifi hotspot.... download goes from 30+hours to about a hour!! WHY WONT IT WORK THROUGH MY HOME BROADBAND!! my mate next door downloaded the same file just fine! So could it be my actual ISP? as we have different providers?? my speeds are about 50-55 down and 15-20 up so its not a speed issue with my broadband... im so lost and have no clue what the problem is or how to sort it! please someone help!
  7. i have a LMB if your after one? think its 6 port maybe 8
  8. some phones will support it but might not be stable, you could end up with corrupt data
  9. Have you tried using the mobile web version? Might be a problem with the latest update for the app, im unable to check as im on ios
  10. Attercliffe exchange hasn't had fttc installed so i very much doubt that the person you spoke too at EE had any idea what he was on about, im afraid your're out of luck if you're after a speed increse, you could check your postcode on virgin medias website as i know they plan on doing a major network expansion uk wide
  11. the private rented market in this country is spiraling out of control.. landlords charging £500 pcm for a 2 bed flat, when half a mile down road you can get a 3bed house for £450.. i know area does count allot but what you have these days is people buying 4bed houses... making it into 4 bedsits with shared facilities charging people (mainly the government) £90 per week per bedsit at nearly £1500 per month for what otherwise would be a £600 a month house. yeah thats "business" but its taking away from a family that could have needed the space. not everyone can afford to buy a house, and with the council not building more houses. those who cant afford to buy will be pushed towards these money grabbers
  12. http://uk.pcmag.com/windows-8-preview-release-date-news-features/3690/feature/8-things-you-need-to-know-about-windows-81-update
  13. Hmmm kinda the same for me at moment, i was getting around 62/20 stable for well over a year but for the past few weeks has dropped to 50/18 and they dont know why.. Cant raise a fault issue untill it droppes below like 30mbps because thats openreaches threshhold? I duno but its **** annoying, The digital region bit was a massiveee! fkup! But i dont know any provider that can offer what origin can on the side of fair usage and website blocking, yeh could use a vpn but that can be a pain, but i know if i was to be on BT and use like 100gb pcm they would enforce some kind of cap/restriction on my line and claim i was in the top 1% of the whole customer daterbase! (Used to do this with adsl years ago) Infact thays how i got out of my old contract with bt and went to digital region, i was on 1mb down 512kbps up and i managed to use 100gb in 30 days and they capped me to 56kbps (in peak hours) and claimed i was in the top 5% of BT customers that are heavy users... Like really!!! I used more bandwith on a 1meg connection than millions of others on 5-10 or even 20meg.. haha yea oh BT.. Anyway this wasnt stated in the policy that there was a limit to the unlimited plan... And also at the time BT didnt state their peak hours so the cap was 24/7.. Absolute joke of a company
  14. can confirm that origin broadband does NOT have caps, also no fair usage policy, no limits/slow downs and no blocked websites, we are on origin and are very heavy users between all pc's and consoles, netflix,twitch,sky OD we regularly use over 500gb per month, never had any issues.
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