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  1. i used to work at co op on bread vans after i left school and anybody who bought anythin that didnt have a divi number i used to putmoms on 77933 strange how i rememember that after all thoseyears lol
  2. hey up ted how you doin talkin to d hughes last week yea good old days when you could have some fun an a good kick about 15 a side lol remember you an tony gettin me job on gas im still at it i see jack smedley nearly everyweek with g saville and wivesin boro my old boss jack hes still a wednesday ite ah well lol
  3. married in 68 till 93 went on a spree then till i met wife 4 years ago hope she dunt see this lol bak to pubs gate and travellers wadsley bridge gone had long hair up to 94 had it cut off for daughters wedding shaved ever since
  4. Did you say you we're retired ?im still at it work on gas puttin gas mains in ground since 1977 you heard about Pete Howe it was sad .you wouldn't recognise cross now big adds on bottom Chaucer school ritz gone had some gud times there lol most of other guys still around Malcolm cooper John Beever seen t Wilson down hills borough Xmas I got married again in August I like wedding cake lol not been on here for a while used to talk tobushy an t c il be on more often now what made you live in notts?
  5. that was in the albert great jukebox bin tryin to think who you are is it jim shepherd sold me bike last year had a 1000cc r1 yamahavery fast wish i still had itjust moved to chapeltown ---------- Post added 25-03-2013 at 19:16 ---------- ive gotitnow your pete lee
  6. hia guys not bin on for a while hope everybodys ok t c an bushy etc just replyin to a pieceby 1947 about bein on back 0f my bike brave man lol
  7. the wild bunch went to see it at abc in sheff and then thereslegends john wayne burt lancaster and clint eastwood
  8. hey up tony sorry not bin on for a while workin away from home hope everthin ok with your wife and family and yourself we will have to meet up in new year and have a few and a good old talk matey all the best your old mate terry
  9. hia tony hope everythins ok started to worry about you when you said you love everybody ahahahah
  10. sorry to hear about your wife tony all the best matey
  11. played in same team as fudgie and barks for east house great guys see fudgies wife now and then down boro
  12. hia tc hope your ok mate bin abit busy thats why i havent been on
  13. only just seen your message sorry i took so long to reply im fine thanks il get back to you with a private message luv ok nice to here from you x
  14. only just found out about pete when i came on tonight guys im so sad knocked about with him in my younger days as most of u know what a guy beb sadly missed please let me know of funeral arrangements. terry howell
  15. went sunday tony better meeting mate but you wouldnt have got a pint in fortyfoot it was shut . i heard its because of a cockup by the owners that they forgot to renew their licences on quite a few pubs and are closed for 2 weeks malthouse aswell used to be fighting **** ecclesfield anyone knows any more info would be gratefull to hear it .
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