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  1. Yes, I knew Mr Mchattie, I worked in the office, and of course Mr Dennis and Mr Eric. Enjoying the memories.
  2. My condolences Steve, very sad. I left in 1972, I do remember a Diane, but maybe not your wife, not sure. All the best.
  3. Think the one near market was Sugarmans, similar place, they did never never too.
  4. Looking for advice on awnings, not had one before and not sure what sort to go for, not even sure how to fit it. (We have the wind out awning, looking to get a porch type ) It's for a motorhome, Any recommendations?
  5. We had Furniss, Pictou, Morcar and Beaulieu. ( I think that was the spelling )
  6. 1965 Box Viva with a dodgy fuel gauge, never knew if there was any petrol in it 😀
  7. No, nor to me! Thought it had a more interesting name. Thank you and Happy New Year !
  8. Oh well, maybe it was, the memory is not what it was. Thanks for your replies.
  9. It was a lovely shop, they also sold wires and things to make earrings. Just wish I could remember the name!
  10. Can anyone remember the name of the shop opposite Suggs that sold beads and things ?
  11. My great grandfather and great uncle worked there, between the wars, and my Mum and Dad in the 40s , I have some old books in the loft I will look for.
  12. Does anyone know why there is a sign on Rotherham Road coming up from Eckington towards Halfway saying South Yorkshire Forest ? There are a few trees but hardly a forest!
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