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  1. Hi, does anyone get a black screen after installing the latest update? I can help fix it in 10 minutes Let me know if this is bugging you as I found a permanent solution. This ****** me off for ages and all the net advice didn't work. Just wondered how many people were plagued by the black screen of death permanently on boot up.
  2. Since a new LED street lamp has been fitted to replace the traditional well shaded yellow bulbed one that used to be in the site we can no longer see the stars in the sky at night. This may not be much of concern to the council but they have taken away my view of the night sky. On holiday I can see the same stars and although we are what may be classed as urban the sky was always visable the same. I feel that the lamps have been put up purely to guard the units and factory across the road ane improved visability from the sky and cameras ( to protect us from what?? ). We have has no burglary or theft on this side of the road for 25years+ there is no need for safety lights we can install them ourselves if need be and they are not as intrusive as the new LED lighting either. I feel so upset I want to sell my house and move, we don't have night time anymore thankyou for taking away my right to see the sky. I would like to start a campaign to at least dim the lights or change the shades. If you don't think it's a big deal to be able to enjoy the same view as somebody in the country then I think you have lost touch with the world you live in. I want my stars back!!! Fight for the right!!!
  3. The report is based on REPORTED INSURANCE CLAIMS not on the most burgled areas. Unfortunately some people who live in the areas that have THE HIGHEST BURGLARY rate often do not have money to pay for sufficient house insurance cover because the premiums in that area are much higher due to actual higher rates of crime. Just to clear things up.
  4. Corporate tax avoidance is the biggest loss of revenue in the UK. Try thinking about who exactly has ripped you off before pointing the finger at those on the lowest "wage" in the country.
  5. I've never shopped at any of those stores but I would definately use the Tesco in that location. I don't drive so it would be very handy.
  6. A sexual fetish... Nobody can argue that it is not as nature intended? Belive in higher powers is a laff for anyone these days but you cannot argue with the laws of nature. maybe overpopulation causes it.. or something they put in the beef but hey if that's your thing then as long as it hurts nobody else why not?
  7. Lets have done with it and get rid of all bad DNA at birth. It wont be long before it's possible to spot all those predisposed to mental health problems, drug addiction, violent behaviour et cetera at birth. Nip it in the bud. This is Sparta!
  8. I wish the turds could be microchipped so we could trace the owners and fine them. Personally I am sick to death of walking in dog****. We had a visitor stay last week and she commented on just how much dog muck is on the streets of sheffield. She didn't go through the woods thank god! Beauchief woods is one huge great dog toilet.
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