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  1. Today is the launch day for the Virgin Media Pioneers Control Shift Campaign. It is a campaign that helps young entrepreneurs (like Tea Box!) to start a business and see if grown. I am so lucky to be involved in the event which is taking place today at the Electric Works! Visit http://www.virginmediapioneers.com/ for more info and help. Its free to sign up too. Sheffield is a great place for young businesses and I am so proud to be one!
  2. is there anywhere in s11 that does a class?
  3. I think I need to try the butternet squash fritters - yum!!
  4. I keep forgetting to get some new visitor parking permits! My guest wont be happy with the new rates - oops.
  5. And thanks Sibon! I didn't see your post I got too excited... Also if anyone from Pollards can give me any advice for the future that would be amazing! Kirsty
  6. Why not try some of our tea? Lots of traditional flavours but also some new ones. You can buy online or from Snap Deli in Banner Cross. I will miss Pollards, its a great loss. Was one of the places that inspired Tea Box in the first place.
  7. hehe - thanks all! Renaming my Sheffield Brew as Sheffield Mash.
  8. Would you call a cuppa tea a Mash or a Brew?? I think Sheffield Folk usually go with Mash!
  9. Have you tried camomile tea with honey? It’s really soothing.
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