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  1. Damn, guess I've given him an idea for his next manifesto. No, even Corbyn knows a lost cause when he sees one!
  2. Wasn't one of Corbyn's election pledges going to have everyone in the country get a free daily copy of the Daily Mirror, Guardian and Morning Star?
  3. I must have missed proud working class areas such as Durham, Blyth, Bolsover, Don Valley, Stoke, Sedgefield etc returning Tory MP's before. But again, don't take my word for it, have a read of todays Guardian to see what the Sedgefield electorate think of Labour and Corbyn. To answer your question re labour policies, I think they were designed to bankrupt the country and helped to contribute to Corbyn's defeat on Thursday. If the intention was to help the working class that worked out well at the polls, didn't it?
  4. Don't take my word that people felt abandoned by Labour, watch the ex Don Valley Labour MP Caroline Flints interview, sorry media manipulation broadcast, on Sky this morning. She said the writing was on the wall when her majority fell in 2017 despite her actual vote numbers going up. Perhaps you could share the proof of your claim of 120,000 direct deaths due to austerity? The following is a good article on austerity and how Labour would have had to make severe cuts if they had won the 2010 election. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2010/mar/25/alistair-darling-cut-deeper-margaret-thatcher
  5. I agree with Anna B on this, it was very shrewd of Boris to tell the electorate where he stood on Brexit. If only Jeremy Corbyn had been clear and concise on where he stood on Brexit things could have turned out differently.
  6. Probably thought they'd be next under Labours 'great deal of movement policy' . Do you disagree that that its working class areas that have suffered most under the open borders policy, implemented by Labour with little planning as to what effect this would have? Look at Peterborough and Boston. Or in Sheffield Page Hall, Fir Vale, Pitsmoor, Darnall, Tinsley? Much more affected than Dore and Totley Do you disagree that Thursday's result indicates that the working class, whether on immigration or for other reasons, feel abandoned by Labour? Wilson and Callaghan when I was a kid, Blair who I voted for three times, Brown unelected. In the rest of my lifetime, probably no more until they address why their heartlands have deserted them.
  7. Its good to know that you can see and hear things, interpret that how you want and apparently make an informed rational decision whereas other people who see and hear the same things as you but make different decisions to yours are insulted and are talking bobbar. That sums up the Labour party as it is now, if they don't agree with Labour, ignore them, insult them, patronise them, and moan, moan, moan.
  8. Its clear from the news coverage over the last 48 hours that people did look at what Labour offered before making their decision. In my opinion its insulting for people to suggest otherwise. But if people use their eyes and ears all they see and hear is 'media manipulation' according to you.
  9. 'Blind Obsession' for Labour not giving a monkeys for them and taking their vote for granted? What is for all to see is that places who have never voted Tory in generations took a look at what Labour were offering and said no thank you.
  10. It's time for Labour to stop blaming others and take a long hard look at itself as to why voters in its heartlands are abandoning it. It wasn't the media that opened the borders without any considerations or planning, flooding working class areas with people putting pressure on school places, doctors surgeries, housing, hospital places, council services etc. Labour acted, people reacted by giving their votes to other parties. When people raise concerns Labour grandees brand them as bigoted. Labour working class areas vote to leave the EU and Labour dismiss their concerns yet again, putting Parliament into the paralysis that led to Thursday's election. Jeremy Corbyn then chose to address the Brexit issue by ignoring it, burying his head in the sand by offering no clear policy. It's an insult to the working class to blame 'media manipulation' for these areas who have been ignored, patronised and abandoned by Labour choosing to vote elsewhere.
  11. Its shocking. 23.1m people can not be bothered to either register to vote or get off their backsides and go to vote. I did not see Johnson's name on my polling card, my eyesight must be getting worse.
  12. What people seem to forget is that Labour said in 2010 that they would have to make severe austerity cuts: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2010/mar/25/alistair-darling-cut-deeper-margaret-thatcher
  13. No not right, it was definitely two left. Having misunderstood that under Corbyn Labour are too left, she's still walking around in circles over 24 hours later.
  14. But it was not a strike ballot, it was a referendum where the majority of people who got off their backsides to go out and vote clearly chose Brexit.
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