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  1. Not encourage more cycling but responsible cycling. Some practice it, some don't. The movement towards zero emission cars is taking place and will probably be the norm in the next generation or so, Can we say the same for cyclists being registered, insured and accountable?
  2. Not draconian measures, just equal measures. So with a highway being made up of a road and a footpath, isn't it usual for vehicles to use the road element and pedestrians to use the part specifically allocated to them, called the footpath or pavement, to ensure safety for both different parties? I would think that its not a very good idea for a pedestrian to use the road element of a highway and likewise not sensible, if not illegal, for a motorised vehicle to drive on the pavement/footpath element. With regards to number plates and insurance, I believe they help make motorists behave in a responsible manner. Not all motorists but a vast majority. That's what laws and regulations are there for. Without them behaviour on the roads would be worse. So lets expand the scheme to all road users, treat everyone the same. Equal measures. Not really bothered what happens worldwide, just with what happens in the UK.
  3. If you travel on the road then surely the same rules should be applicable to everyone. Number plates and insurance may not stop some motorists busting red lights but number plates make them identifiable and the insurance will give recompense to any innocent parties affected by said actions. If you are a responsible motorist or cyclist then you should not have nothing to fear.
  4. Where did I mention pedestrians Planner1? Pedestrians may cross roads but do not travel along them. That's why we have footpaths. Make your mind up as your statement says 'Nowhere in the world has it' but then you say 'As far as you know'. Which is it? Watch the BBC click program from last weekend with regards to the electric bikes that you are advocating people to use. Given the speeds that these bikes generate the program states that several countries in the EU require registration and insurance. I believe that the click program is still available on catchback.
  5. You may think its unfair and unfounded, I think cyclists should be subject to the same rules as other road users who have to pass a test, be insured and have a number plate to identify them.
  6. And we wonder why a lot of cyclists seem to be against a number plate type system and insurance. Seems like cyclists don't want to be identifiable or accountable.
  7. So a scheme that was several years in the planning has been sacrificed barely 6 months after completion, removing road capacity that was (and still is) clearly needed. There was an interesting section on the BBC's click show at the weekend regarding electric bikes, apparently in many EU countries cyclists using these need to be registered and insured. Bring it on.
  8. Build it and they will come - in time . Thats part of the problem with the Shalesmoor scheme, the council has just completed a multi million road improvement scheme to cope with the volume of traffic. So its been a case of build, ignore and impede the improvement that they felt were needed in that area.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong Tony but Shalemoor is not one of the main shopping areas of the city, it's an arterial road used by many vehicles, some of whom will probably visit the Moor or Fargate for either delivery or shopping purposes. Should we not convince them to make regular use of the cycle lanes that are there first, like the one on Penistone Road?
  10. 'Gazillions' of cars? Its pointless spending millions on a road system and then reduce capacity on a whim.
  11. Given the posts on this thread, the hundreds of adverse comments on Sheffield Online and the local media coverage, there would seem to be lots of parties more than remotely interested in whether the reason causing all the disruption is being used. Secondly I'm sure the council would take a passing interest in footage showing their white elephant being ignored by those it is supposed to be helping.
  12. The footage would show that despite cycle lanes being put in place some cyclists will still not use them and use pavements instead.
  13. Statement from the council today seems to indicate they realise what a pigs ear of a scheme they have unleashed upon the city: Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability at Sheffield City Council, said: “The Council is committed to enhancing walking and cycling as a means of reducing congestion, improving air quality, increasing physical activity and creating attractive places. Covid-19 presented an opportunity to trial pedestrianisation and dedicated cycle lanes in a number of areas around the city and, whilst early days, a number of these such a Pinstone Street are already proving popular and successful. “The Covid-19 pandemic and Government funding for temporary transport measures enabled us to trial a temporary scheme on Shalesmoor, which went live this week. We understand the ring road is critically important for vehicles, in to and around the city and dedicated cycle lanes in this area is something that has long been called for by active travel groups. “We have listened to feedback, and we are carefully reviewing the impact of the scheme, making a number of changes in response to concerns from some residents and businesses. It is important that we continue to work with relevant groups and those affected by the changes so that we can make informed decisions about future active travel measures. We will continue to monitor the impact of these temporary measures and if, once the full impact is known, they are not considered to be delivering the scale of benefits that justify the disruption to the ring road, then a decision will be taken on the appropriate time to withdraw this temporary scheme.”
  14. Don't let on, most cyclists think that ET delivers them all!
  15. It's a good job there are vehicles on the roads to deliver all these bikes to the shops and deliver all the raw materials and bike parts to the bike factories.
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