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  1. I think Jess Ennis and all of the Olympians are amazing role models!!
  2. No float? This is sooooooo bad. It's the year 2012. Just because you do not have the exact change for the service does not mean you should not get the correct change in return! If they don't have the change they should not charge you! What's wrong for paying for the bus with a note occassionally? Busses need to get with the times!!
  3. Have I missed something? They said they are going to take a statement next week, It's not like they said they are not going to be taking a statement at all! If someone else is covering their work whilst they are on A/L who is going to cover the person who's covering their works work?! They can't just drop everything else they are dealing with to attend every incident straight away! They have to prioritise
  4. Hi, Marco's on Chesterfield Road...the prices are good and they do not charge corkage. I think Kito's (also on Chesterfield Road) allows BYO also.
  5. Try your local corner shop/newsagents or storage companies such as Big Yellow sell them but they not cheap.
  6. Was Fenwick Road just made up for the book then?
  7. La Haine, 3 colours Trilogy, la appartment, Mesrine, The Ring. Anything with Vincent Cassell.
  8. Thanks for the replies, The street names are supposed to refer to Sheffield but it was nearly 25 years ago so maybe those streets don't exist in Sheffield anymore or maybe they were made up for the book?
  9. The book mentions the street names of Fenwick Road and Lester St but I've never hear of those road names in Sheffield?
  10. I've just finished reading a book called 'Fiona's Story' a tragic story about a Sheffield teenager named Fiona Ivison. Fiona got involved in drugs and prostitution in the early 90's and died at the hands of a punter. It was a very sad story, I just wondered if anyone else had read the book?
  11. On the £11 a day note....that's quite a lot of money for each person when you consider mum, dad and all the kids!!! Don't forget the housing benefit, council tax benefit, JSA, income support, free prescriptions, free legal aid the list is endless! I'd be quite upset if each member of my household spent £11 a day, its quite a lot.
  12. I gave it a 4....there are much worse places to live both in the UK and abroad. I've not lived in Sheffield all my life but I like it here. Sometimes when I visit other cities I think they have a lot more going on. Sheffield city centre for shopping for example is absolutely rubbish! and if you work full time you need to leave early if you need to buy anything cos everything shuts up after 5! It's still a nice place tho, the people are nice and I generally don't feel intimidated on nights out for example whereas i've heard it can be pretty rough in some other cities on Fri/ Sat. On a negative tho Sheffield does seem quite deprived city and the violent crime is on the up
  13. Is it even possible for a ramp to be installed at your Grandma's/nannan's house? I'm no expert but some properties are not suitable for a ramp. Those steps look very steep to install a ramp there would need to be enough distance available to accommodate the gradient of the ramp otherwise it will stretch onto the pavement or the road! The occupational therapist may have deemed your Grandma's property unsuitable for a ramp to be installed?
  14. I can't speak for the Emo's but the goths and grungers grew up....we are still here but we now wear formal clothing and frequent the offices in which we work to earn a living. Boo
  15. I would contact the RSPCA, Most people walk their dogs in the same area around the same time so it may be an idea to go back another day around that time. Hope your husband (and the dog!) are ok.
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