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  1. How does the situation you describe point to bus drivers not understanding timetables? Please explain? (Show your working out).
  2. Well, as you're being evasive and wont outright answer a simple question, I don't see what right you have to explore my argument any further. 'Course if you want to answer, YES or NO, I'd be more than happy to qualify it.
  3. I think our payroll is actually run by a chimp with a screwdriver, so the automation process is likely to be a bit of a gamble However, as long as my pay is something around the amount I outlined in my first post, it should be fine.
  4. Hi all, Quick question. I currently work for a company that pays our wages weekly but two weeks in arrears. I'm mulling over job offer from another company, but what I'm wondering is if I were to quit my current job, to my way of thinking, I should get my last pay 'packet' from them two weeks after my last working day, plus any holidays I have accrued. Does that sound about right?
  5. To be fair, the Sherman is often given a bad reputation it doesnt deserve. Considering the time it was designed and its intended role (that of infantry support with anti-tank capability a close second), it compares favourably with the German tanks of the time. It was no Panther or Tiger, but then the 'Supercats' only had a thimble of fuel to share between 'em so any qualative advantage was largely lost. The T34 was good, but they were a blunt tool at best - it's hard to believe that any western tank would have left the factory in such a poor state, some of the finished product from the Soviet production line was sketchy to say the least! It's also worth noting that the Sherman stayed in service around the world into the 80's and the Israeli's got a lot of use from their Super Shermans post war. Not bad for a design that's often considered inferior! True, the Iowa class were/are superb battleships. Its a shame that HMS Vanguard was not kept in service in a similar way. She was the pinnacle of battleship design, much like the Iowa's, but was sold for scrap in 1960:( (There was a joke doing the rounds at the time of the Falklands war, something along the lines of "Save your razor blades - Thatcher wants the Vanguard back!)
  6. Actually, that's not completely accurate. The British Pacific fleet was heavily involved in the closing stages of the Pacific war. Infact, during the invasion of Okinawa, the British fleet (BPF) was tasked with sole operations in the Sakishima Islands in an air suppression role (in other words to keep the Japanes airforce/IJN aircraft away from the invasion fleet). In carrying out this role, the RN carriers were subjected to sustained and repeated kamikaze attacks (there are a number of pictures of HMS Formidable on fire after one such attack available on the internet). Where the British carriers had an advantage was that their flight decks were armoured, unlike those of the US carriers, and as a result they fared much better in such attacks.
  7. It's not just First that suffers a high attrition rate of drivers. When I joined Stagecoach, we were told that they had hired between 50 and 70 new drivers (these things are always left to rumour rather than actual facts). Two years later, there are less than 10 drivers who came through driving school with me still in the job. It's a very difficult job, despite what some on 'ere would have you think, and it's certainly not for everyone, however the only way to find out is to do it!
  8. Hi, If you have a valid NUS card (i.e one with NUS clearly displayed), you can get a 60p student fare between Sheffield Interchange and the Norfolk Arms at Chapeltown. If you have a 16-18 south yorkshire student pass, you can use it for the full journey. HTH
  9. As most bus fares (single) are sub £3, I think it would class as small value. And who's ranting? In this alternate universe you've created, I'd take my custom elsewhere, saving that, then yes I'd make sure I had the correct change unless there was absolutely no way for me to get change. I still wouldn't hide my indifference/laziness behind a spurious excuse that I was making a stand against 'big business' whilst leaving an employee on low wages to find my change from their own bank account. And if this other shop had a company supplied float, surely it would be better to deplete theirs than one funded by an employee?
  10. What I wouldn't do is wilfully keep presenting notes for small value items knowing full well that the shop assistant would have to fund my change from their own pocket, but then I'm thoughtful like that.
  11. Clearly, you don't know how bus companies work. The only people who treat bus drivers with less respect than the general public are those that employ them. A driver complaining about the situation will make little difference. As you're so concerned about the lack of change situation, I assume you've written to the companies to complain? After all, taking out your frustration (or offering a lack of co-operation) on an employee who can do nothing about the situation wouldn't reflect to well on you, would it?
  12. But they don't and they're is no sign that they will in the near future. So by refusing to get change, when you're perfectly able to, you're not sending a message to the company, all you're doing is saying to the bus driver 'I couldn't be arsed to get change, YOU deal with it' knowing full well there is a chance that the money will have to be stumped up by the driver himself. Not very fair is it, as you've admitted yourself..
  13. Or perhaps, as no company I know of actually issues a float to their drivers, they consider the cost of administering such a float to be less than letting the odd passenger ride for free (although I doubt the people who number crunch such things for the companies realise the extent of the problem). Let me ask you a question. Its been explained that the companies do not issue a float, so you're aware that it's down to the driver to supply a float from his own money if he hasen't had sufficient time to collect enough change from the rest of his shift. Is it fair that he should have to dip in to his own wage to provide a service for someone who, however you paint it, can't be bothered to get change in advance, when there is no legal imperative for him to provide change?
  14. Yup, agree with that. Apart from that one run that he made, did Lines venture past the halfway line?
  15. Just goes to show - aside from their goal, I'm struggling to remember their other 7 shots! We were easily the better team today and to be fair at times it was almost too comfortable - which is always dangerous with a single goal lead. I thought both strikers looked off sorts although to give Ranger his due, he was always trying to get into good positions, even if the execution was lacking. Samedo and Lines were both poor for me as well. Samedo is fine at breaking up attacks, but he aint much good when we have possesion. Still, we needed a win and a win we got. I think you'd have to be a hardcore Carlisle fan (or blade, apparently:roll:) to think we deserved any less.
  16. I reckon United will win at least 4 of their remaining games (if not all 5), so we will probably have to make do with the play offs. I just hope the curse of the 3rd placed team doesnt strike...
  17. Yep another vote for Tinsley from me. Is there any truth in the rumour that Tinsley is to be twinned with Homs in the near future? I would also give 'honourable' mentions to Low Edges and Blackstock Road and surrounding areas. Perhaps the most depressing thing of all is that I can come up with a list of ghastly areas in Sheffield without breaking a mental sweat
  18. The size of the engine plays a part. The 1.6 was pretty much bullet proof - I owned a 1.6 TF and never had a single mechanical problem with it. The 1.8 vvt engine had a reputation for having more problems with hgf but again, I used to own a 200 series with the same engine and never had any problems with the head gasket. Theres a lot of nonsence spoken about Rover group cars and HGFs. I'vve owned 3 and never had an issue, and I've known plenty of other people who have owned Rovers and I haven't known anyone to actually have a HGF. Corsas on the other hand....
  19. Shoeshine and I used to chat on pm a while back, especially around the time the writing group was created. He was a very warm poster and its a sad loss that he is no longer with us. RIP
  20. Fascinating. Except that it's Argentina and not us that is ramping up the rhetoric and posturing. So if any nation has their eyes on cynicaly expoiting the islands new found mineral wealth, surely it's the Argentinians and not us? Or let me guess, we've actually manufactured the latest 'situation' in order to justify an increased military presence in the region under the pretext of protecting the islanders rights while all the time guarding the evil oil companies real objectives down there right?
  21. I'm sure that if the positions were reversed and Britain was demanding sovereignty over a collection of islands which although (relatively) geographically closer had no British people living there and we had no justifiable historical claims to, the same people who are so adamant that we should discuss sovereignty with Argentina would be outraged by our claims. Equally, if the war in '82 had been waged by any other PM than Thatcher, I doubt there would be anything like the bile and ill educated vitriol spewed about it and the ongoing situation.
  22. Personally I'd love to see the building turned into something akin to the Printworks building in Manchester. It's position, close to the railway and bus station would be superb, but I guess we'll just end up with just a wreck which will need pulling down at some point or another empty office block.
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