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  1. I've heard Goodwillie prefers to play in the hole... Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  2. First of all, most buses in Sheffield ARE tracked automatically by a system called asis. Secondly, why is a driver waiting his time 'illegal'? I sometimes forget how little the average Joe knows about bus operation, then I read the forum and I'm reminded by ill informed clap trap like this. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  3. some falconers keep buzzards. usually the more unusual variants. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  4. Again, if it were a buzzard (and like most scavenger species, they will also take live pray, if the situation presents itself), the attack could have been territorial. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  5. sounds like a scary encounter, glad the dog's ok! just a thought, could it have been a buzzard? There numbers have increased over the years, and there have been a number of reported attacks by buzzards (even on people!) and they do tend to be pretty territorial? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  6. I'm sure the US military has plans for a theoretical war with every nation on Earth. That's what military planning is all about. If they didn't have such plans in place they wouldn't be doing their jobs properly.
  7. Seeing as this issue crops up at least twice a month, maybe we can approach it a different way. Clearly, people believe that First is responsible for buses not running on time. So perhaps someone can explain exactly what it is that First are doing (or not doing) to cause this situation? And while we're at it, rather than just moan, perhaps someone can explain what they would like to see done to improve the situation? I'm sure First (as well as every other bus company in the country) would be very receptive to any suggestions that improves bus punctuality. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  8. I may be in a somewhat unique position here to offer my take on this, as I've recently made the switch from Stagecoach to First. I have to say, my impressions so far is that First are a far better company to work for than Stagecoach, who try and wring every last drop out of their drivers (by having ludicrously long shifts) then hang them out to dry when the driver needs the company to fight his corner. I can't speak for the previous management at First and I am aware that there were issues having talked to some of the older drivers, but my impressions of the 'new' First have been backed up by other ex-Stagecoach drivers, all of whom ive talked to, prefer working for First. As for your other points, I won't stand (well, sit actually!) and slag off Stagecoach drivers, I still have many good friends at Ecclesfield, but what I will say is that I find that I'm adjusted less at First than i was at Stagecoach (even with Radio Free Jamaica in charge of the acis )
  9. On skygazing, or whatever it was called, they asked some NASA chick what could be done if an impact was forecast. She gave some credible sounding scenarios where the asteroid could be pushed it pulled off its trajectory, but I reckon whilst these theories would work, in practice I doubt we have the technology to implement them. So we'd most likely be boned! Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  10. Yeah, I find the app difficult to use sometimes! on my phone, it came up as one quote, it wasn't my intention to attribute it to you Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android ---------- Post added 06-01-2013 at 09:53 ---------- The war was essentially between two of the US's allies. Publicly, they had to remain neutral, but in reality, their help was weighted heavily in favour of the British. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  11. Yeah, the US gave us no support in the war, the rotten ********! Well, apart from supplying (and re-supplying) us with the latest aim-9l sidewinder air to air missile, an all aspect weapon which gave the sea harriers an invaluable edge over the Argentine aircraft. Oh, and the (unaccepted) offer of the loan of one of their aircraft carriers. And then there's the small matter of CIA Intel which was passed on to us via the use of their spy satellites and recon aircraft. But apart from that, the US gave us no support at all... Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  12. or, given the missile fired to ship sunk/damaged ratio during the war, they decided that the exocet was better at the time than harpoon, for example? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  13. Odd then, given this 'classified information' you were privy to, that the MOD decided to equip so many British warships with exocet, given they performed so poorly? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  14. Actually, I believe there are preppers in this country too (if the Discovery channel is to be believed!) although personally I've never met one. As to what they are preparing for, I 'spose it varies on the person, but the gist of it is some form of crash of society - economical, viral, political etc. basically an end of world apocalyptic type scenario.
  15. Thanks eveyone for your replies - looks like a conversation with the HR department is in order!
  16. I suspected that may be the answer. Thanks for replying:thumbsup:
  17. I recently joined a new company and they have agreed to honour a holiday which I had booked prior to joining them. This may well be a daft question, but as I have never been in this position before I'm clueless about this, but by honouring does this men they will pay me for the week I'm off or simply allow me the time off? Thanks in advance for any help:)
  18. Wow, a whole 10 minutes? Did you contact the Star? The Supertram may well appear good in comprison to buses, but remember that the tram doesnt have to compete with traffic, given that it has priority over other road uses. As for the missing bus, it most likely did leave the depot but was delayed in the match/pre-Christmas traffic, meaning it was 'adjusted' in an attempt to get it back on time. Bus companies have to be very careful as to their motives for pulling buses from the time tables - saving money wouldnt cut the mustard.
  19. I don't think you even know what you're saying any more. Only one route changes driver outside the depot -the 88. Which as you've had explained to you numerous times now is done at the specific instructions of Stagecoach Sheffield NOT as you claim down to the laziness of the drivers.
  20. You really are dim. I DROVE all the routes mentioned whilst at Stagecoach upto a couple of weeks ago, so I KNOW where the driver change over points are and what kind of tailbacks are caused by doing the driver change overs there. For you to suggest that there is no disruption to the traffic flow caused by the build up buses, especially at peak times leaves me to believe that either you're lying about your knowledge of the area, drive around with your eyes closed or you're just a troll. Which is it?
  21. Erm, yes they do:huh: As for you're other point A/ once wind reached management (and it would, trust me) the drivers responsible would be disciplined and B/as I have already explained adding yet another changeover (on a 10 minute service) to an already congested stretch of road would result in near total gridlock. Still, as long as you don't have to wait a few minutes, who cares if other people are held up for ages on end, right?
  22. You really are a bit simple arent you? Bus drivers don't 'decide' where to change drivers, we do it where we're instructed to by the company which employ us. Failure to do so would result in disciplinary action. Stagecoach do change overs for the 87, 265 and 83/83a outside of the Morrisons stop at Ecclesfield, a stop that is also served by the First 76 route as well as the 29 and the X10. During peak times it is impossible to access the stop to change driver or simply load/unload passangers without causing major disruption to the traffic flow. And you want to add the 88 (every 10 minutes) to the mayhem? Your post(s) is a perfect example of why people who don't know what they're talking about should, frankly, keep their half baked, hair brained ideas to themselves. Moron ---------- Post added 05-12-2012 at 21:39 ---------- The one next to the Premier shop? If it is this one, it's siting (which isn't great, I will admit) is exacerbated by the fact that so many car drivers park illegally in the bus stop there, forcing the bus to pull wider and blocking off traffic in either direction. I would add Lowedges Road to this, but there are many, many more. I call them lazy stops. There is little or no point in having so many stops so closely situated.
  23. Can't speak for First, but Stagecoach take a payment from your wages weekly to pay for the training. The amount varies between depots, the most being £10 per week for two years.
  24. That's exactly the type of thing I'd expect a moron to say...
  25. Satisfactory to work out you're a moron with zero idea of driving in a big city, yes
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