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  1. We're very much looking forward to seeing everyone:) We will have lots of new stock for all your last minute Christmas Toys and Gifts
  2. Hi Do you have any stall spaces left? We're a family run end of line and discontinued toy supplier
  3. Hi, Are there anymore stalls available? I have PM'd you with my details
  4. See I don't have a problem with anyone terming themselves English - you are what you consider yourself to be regardless of ethnicity or even country of origin. In fact I would suggest it has greater meaning to be English by choice rather than English by birth (which lets face it, you have no control over).
  5. Wow, this whole response is just off the scale bonkers. If anyone from the political right of this forum tried to suggest that anyone not white could not be considered English, they would be dumped on from a great height and probably reported into the bargain. Yet the same people who would be lining up to have a go are strangely quiet on this occasion, wonder why? (Incidentally, you don't know me but know me enough to imply that my motives for posting are racially motivated, when of the two of us, the only one whose posted anything even approaching what would be termed racist is you!)
  6. Who doesn't like him? I don't know him anymore than he knows me, so to say I don't know him is just silly.
  7. He started a thread with ethnicity right at the forefront. If it were the other way around and a poster referred to a person of asian appearance as muslim without knowing if he or she was muslim or not not, they would be jumped on straight away by the usual suspects on 'ere and be branded a racist. Or is this the usual double standards we've come to expect from SF these days?
  8. Well my old bean, you've contradicted yourself in one post there. First you say you will never be accepted as English (the upshot of this unfounded assertion being I suppose that you don't consider yourself as English) but finish by saying its how you see yourself that matters.
  9. Interesting that you describe your wife as English in reference to her ethnicity - implying that English and white are one and the same. So does that mean that you believe anyone who isn't white can't be English? And as you used the term to differentiate between her ethnicity and yours, are we to assume from that that as a Muslim, you don't consider yourself English?
  10. The majority of all crimes in this country will be perpetrated by white people - because we are still a majority white country. The point is Muslim men are over represented in comparison to their numbers.
  11. Turns out Mr Palmer has form... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-33699346 Still, at least he learned his lesson:rolleyes:
  12. Drove for both the big two Sheffield Companies - Stagecoach - Horrible company to work for (in my opinion) but a much better set of lads. First - Fractionally better to work for (although it's akin to a choice between Anthrax and Legionnaires’ disease), but by and large I felt they were a far less friendly company to work for with ,I have to say, an overwhelming (and undeserved) sense of arrogance.
  13. The bus companys (be it first, stagecoach, tm etc.) use the bus stops with the permission of the SYPTE. They're allowed one stop per loading point (bus stop). This means as soon as the driver has opened the door, loaded his passengers and closed his doors again, he isn't officially allowed to open the doors until he reaches his next stop. If the SYPTE see him opening his doors at the same stop he is in breach of the contract between the bus company and the SYPTE, which could result in a fine for the bus company and more than likely result in a sacked bus driver. This was how the ruling was explained to me when I was a steering wheel attendant...
  14. An act of kindness that would have cost the driver his job had anyone from the SYPTE seen him....
  15. After 18 years on the road (three of those as a professional driver), I had the most unpleasant encounter on the road last wee on the Mosborough Park Way (heading away from Attercliffe where the two lanes merge into one). I was in the outside lane well before the merge and accustomed as I am to the glowers from people in the nearside lane at having the audacity to be in said lane, what happened next really surprised me. Some middle aged bloke in an Audi decided he would pull out in front of me, forcing me over the double white lines into the opposite carriageway which, luckily for me, was empty. What he did was entirely out of malice and and a desire not to let anyone go past him and it's pure luck that he didn't cause a head on collision. Scary stuff! Also, is it my imagination, or have car drivers forgotten that there is a 'dipped' setting on their headlights?
  16. Reason for Rehome / Sale Following the break up of a previous relationship, I have been left to look after our dog. Unfortunately, my current situation means I can't give her the home she need (and deserves) Time Scale – How Urgent? No specific timescale, but sooner, rather than later Sale Amount £0.00 Has the Dog been in Rescue No Location Chesterfield Age & Sex 8 Years Old Breed/ Mix Staffie Cross/Heinz 57 KC Registered No Approximate size 15Kilos Exercise Needed No more than most dogs Neutered & Micro chipped Yes Vaccinated & Wormed Yes Live in / out In Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Yes two small dogs but would probably fair better as the only dog in the household Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues None, AFAIK Temperament Soft as a brush! But very bouncy and excitable (she is a staffie!) Good or Bad with Children Good but as she is so boisterous, she would be better with older children Dislike of Men or Women She loves people, full stop! OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals Not too keen on cats Travel OK in Car Sort of! Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Up to 6 Hours Destructive Behaviour She likes to chew her toys to death! Barks Yes Pull on the lead Yes Crate trained No Housetrained Yes General Information you can share about the Dog. Filly is a fabulous dog, but circumstances have left her at a bit of a loss in her new surroundings. She really needs a family with no other dogs where she can be the center of attention. She is incredibly loving and playful but can be a bit of a handful due to her excitable nature, but this shouldn't distract from her loving nature. Would make a fabulous pet for someone who has the time and commitment to spend with her. 07734324661 (after 6) I can provide photos if necessary.
  17. Erm six pages into a thread bemoaning the decision to sell off a supposedly well loved part of the park and no one can actually pinpoint where it is? What's wrong with this picture?
  18. The city centre will never improve while we tolerate people walking around with their tops off, smoking weed and drinking Stella, swearing, spitting and generally being an intimidating obstacle to any form of improvement in the city centre.
  19. The whole 'She was killed because she was getting close to Islam' thing may hold more water if she was dating someone like Abu Qatada. Dodi was hardly a poster boy for Islam, was he? What with his decadent, play boy lifestyle (which I'm sure would have upset a lot of the more conservative elements within the Muslim faith).
  20. As I have always been instructed, if any accident occurs whilst a passenger is alighting /boarding a bus which isn't at a designated bus stop, any claim made by said passenger is ignored by the company as the driver has been explicitly instructed NOT to stop anywhere but a designated bus stop, meaning the driver will most likely lose his job and have to fight a personal claim for injury. Still, this being Sheffield forum , it's perfectly ok for a bus driver to flout the rules if it suits the whiney lot on 'ere but by thunder if he dares to step out of line and it doesn't suit them, then by God show that man no mercy! Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  21. There in lies the problem - too many people buy/drive 4x4s thinking it will make them invincible in bad weather, but you still need to know what you're doing, even with 4wd. My car is an old vitara, and it cost me less to buy than many people spend on servicing, yet even with summer tyres, I've driven it for two winters through the worst the snow can throw at it and it got me everywhere I need/wanted to go. Winter tyres, 4x4 as with all things are only as good as the person behind the wheel. No amount of improvements will make up for poor driving etc. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  22. So northern heritage is synonymous with cheap shops and run down city centres? Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
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