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  1. 38 minutes ago, cmonkes said:

    Provide proof that the EFL have already accepted it? The books were incredibly late after being witheld by the club and only more recently have been properly scrutinised.


    The rules dont need changing! The majority of teams are able to comply, compete and achieve, without any real issues. Teams have been successful without wholesale spending and teams have shown themselves to be in a sound financial state as a direct result of FFP rules.


    A handful of teams however feel the need to cheat the rules and system, to make up their own rules, to throw money at garbage and to risk the future of their club. That's their problem and I hope any teams found to be doing so, suffer heavily as a result.


    I'm sure you do. Wonder if you'd feel the same if you weren't looking through red and white striped coloured glasses? I reckon I know the answer.

  2. 12 hours ago, cmonkes said:

    Suddenly it's irrelevant when the boots on the other foot 😂😂


    Personally, I hope he leaves.....He is the only hope that the FFP bound club have of success! 


    Hard times ahead for the wednesday

    Imagine coming off the back of the most successful campaign in recent history and still being bitter and twisted about the neighbouring club in a  league below? Odd, odd fans..


    Personally, I couldn't care less if he goes (Although admittedly, I would prefer him to stay). These things come and go, and fans have no input or say in the matter, so why stress?

  3. On 12/06/2019 at 17:30, Ridgewalk said:



    Never heard of him

    One for the history books à Wednesday player scoring at the Lane.


    1979...40 years😀



    Funny, I was wondering how a thread about a relatively minor Ex Wednesday player retiring had become derailed but then I looked back and saw your name pop up and it all made sense..

  4. Cant see another thread about this one.


    Anybody else watching? I've really enjoyed the series so far but I thought last night's episode (Tue 11th of June) was poor - it felt like a bit of a stretch and their were plot holes you could sink a battleship in.


    Anyone else?

  5. 16 hours ago, cmonkes said:

    Why should he shut the hell up though Mooks?... He has every right to hold a grudge when his team are complying with rules, yet others are blatantly exploiting them in order to gain an unfair advantage.


    Whilst I can't say that I am 100%, in my opinion Sheffield Wednesday are using a similar method to that which LCFC were punished for a years ago. Therefore it is only right and consistent for the EFL to investigate the club and if found to be "cheating" the system, they should also be punished. 


    Leicester City in conjunction with Dave Richards, sold sponsorship rights to a company for a minimal amount. The company in mention Trestellar Ltd, then sold all sponsorship rights back to the club for a fee in excess of £11m. This amount being the amount needed by the club in order to balance books and comply with FFP rules. 


    Trestellar Ltd was a company registered in Sheffield (Shepcote) under the names of Dave Richards children, however the supposed business premises were empty and had no signs of said company existing. 


    After a thorough investigations, it was ruled in favour of the EFL. 


    So then you have to question the taxi and energy drink company who are dominant sponsors at Sheffield Wednesday? (X) months later, neither exist other than in branding? 


    It appears that the companies in mention were set up just 48 hours prior to the sponsorship deal? The companies were created by Mr Chansiri,  before being transferred to a company called "Pan 1" in Hong Kong?.


    It's ok saying that loopholes are there to be exploited, but SHOULD any club be found to be doing it to deliberately bypass rules, whether that be for financial gain or full an advantage over other clubs. Then they SHOULD be heavily penalised. 


    Let's remember that these rules have been introduced to promote a level playing field, whilst PROTECTING clubs. 


    IF any of these clubs have been naughty, then it is quite simple! PUNISH them heavily. Large fines, lengthly transfer embargos and point deductions. 


    Cheats should be allowed to prosper..... Well done to Boro's chairman I say!  

    Imagine how obsessed you have to be about a club to pour over the minutia of their financial dealings like that!


    I cant imagine ever - and I mean EVER being that interested in the dark side enough to want to spend my precious time on their inner workings.

  6. On 27/01/2019 at 08:40, Kidorry said:

    Has there been any mention of the 26 million Soviet dead, without them things would have been very different now.  

    Perhaps there is no mention because the  Soviets were not victims of the holocaust in the same way as the Jewish were and the behaviour of the Red Army was comparable to the worst excesses of the Wehrmacht...


    One of many examples

  7. I agree with Anonni Mouse's original post. This is serious. We desperately need a Northern assembly to fight the North's corner.


    They could start by turning Doncaster/Sheffield airport, which has one of the longest runways in Britain, into a state of the art International airport, instead of building yet another Runway/Terminal at Heathrow.


    They could also expand the docks at Hull into a hub to rival Rotterdamn and take some of the pressure of London.


    Get connectivity right and the rest will follow.


    What we don't neeed is another expensive talking shop ('Northern Powerhouse') which gets nothing done.


    ---------- Post added 08-06-2018 at 16:14 ----------


    It's alright for London to get 'London weighting' in salaries etc. for living down South.


    How aboout a Northern weighting to make up for the disadvantages. As we don't live as long, we could start with reducing the pension age - never going to happen though is it...?


    Good post Anna, as to your last point, probably not. There are too many who are happy to accept the status quo, sadly. We, as a region, are often our own worst enemies.

  8. Apart from London Euston there is no HS2 station in the South, unless Birmingham and Lichfield is 'south'.


    I do agree with the sentiment.


    Government ministers have one 'in-tray' marked 'London' and a shredder marked 'other'


    One of the starkest figures for me to illustrate the gap is the diffirence between spending on transport. In Yorkshire and the Humber its £190 per head. In London, it's £1940!



  9. The government enthused about how HS2 would benefit the north. But in rolling it out first in the south, and then working up country, by the time it benefits the north, the south will have had many years of additional growth through having HS2 for longer.


    If they had any desire for the north to make up the current deficit, schemes such as HS2 would start in the north and work south.


    HS2 is designed to speed up the movement of goods and people into London, and effectively increase the size of the London commuter belt - any benefit to the outlying regions is purely a byproduct.

  10. We could look at things a bit differently. The same wages here can afford average rent for the area or even a modest mortgage. Every week there are social housing properties that no one seems to want. They'd be snatched up in London.


    Well yes, of course there will always be no shortage of affordable housing in deprived areas, that doesn't really equate to parity though and it's a pretty solitary crumb of comfort all things considered.

  11. What would you suggest we do? Declare independence and form a 'People's Republic of Yorkshire'? Which would inevitably end with Leeds being decared the capital and getting even more of a chunk of investment than it does now. So then us in the 'South' can go back to doing what we do best and complaining about the 'Posh Northerners'.


    It's not just Yorkshire that this affects. The whole of the North (Barring a few anomalous pockets of wealth) suffers the same (and I 'd also throw Scotland and Wales into the mix too).


    The north doesn't need to be split still further along county lines, we would need to be unified to make our voices heard in any meaningful way.

  12. I'll soon be 44 years old and for as long as I can remember, people have been discussing the North/South divide.


    I'm not talking about what people in London have on their chips vs what we have on ours, or the diffirence between bath or baarth, I'm talking about serious, real world issues that affect us all.


    As a Northerner, I'm expected to die younger, earn less and have fewer opportunities (both educational and vocational) than my Southern counterpart. I will have far less spent on my local infrastructure and services by central Government, and only this week, we've learned that when my lot is done, I can expect to receive less hospice care than those down south (Story here).


    Various Governments of various political leanings have promised to do something about the divide, but all have invariably failed as the gap grows wider by the day.


    So at what point do we, as Northerners, say enough is enough and do something about it? What would it take to make you take a stand?

  13. There aren't 20 between Loch Ness and Inverness... I think there are 2....the River Ness also runs parallel to the canal..


    I think the River Ness has always been seen as the main point of ingress for any large creature (Seals for example have been known to swim well up the river in the past).


    As for the photo, one of the main culprits for mis-identification which has been put forward in the past are large Sturgeon fish and you know, that photo doesn't look a million miles away from what a big Sturgeon would look like from above..

  14. Unless he is playing a game of sorts.


    In any case he is still an utter idiot and will remain so until he drops this pathetic private prosecution against three doctors.


    That's one way of looking at it. Another would be he's a 21 year old kid who's railing against the world because his son is dying and he's powerless to stop it.


    Or you know, go with the idiot thing...

  15. Don't forget the whinging too lol


    Cliffhanger boo boo cry cry sob gotta wait sob sob


    You're not kidding - from reading the amount of barely concealed anger on the 'tinterweb, I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought the episode was really rather good!

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