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  1. I'm sure you do. Wonder if you'd feel the same if you weren't looking through red and white striped coloured glasses? I reckon I know the answer.
  2. Good interview this morning with the Stocksbridge MP. Thought Toby was very Andrew Neil-esque!
  3. Ah but when they say people should cut down on air travel, they clearly mean the muggles, not the pure bloods. Can't have them slumming it old boy..
  4. Imagine coming off the back of the most successful campaign in recent history and still being bitter and twisted about the neighbouring club in a league below? Odd, odd fans.. Personally, I couldn't care less if he goes (Although admittedly, I would prefer him to stay). These things come and go, and fans have no input or say in the matter, so why stress?
  5. Funny, I was wondering how a thread about a relatively minor Ex Wednesday player retiring had become derailed but then I looked back and saw your name pop up and it all made sense..
  6. Cant see another thread about this one. Anybody else watching? I've really enjoyed the series so far but I thought last night's episode (Tue 11th of June) was poor - it felt like a bit of a stretch and their were plot holes you could sink a battleship in. Anyone else?
  7. Even more couldn't give a rats ass..
  8. Imagine how obsessed you have to be about a club to pour over the minutia of their financial dealings like that! I cant imagine ever - and I mean EVER being that interested in the dark side enough to want to spend my precious time on their inner workings.
  9. Course they don't care - they're too busy fabricating a rivalry with Man United to be bothered about their local rivals..
  10. No I don't think anywhere did I make that suggestion? What an odd reply...
  11. Perhaps there is no mention because the Soviets were not victims of the holocaust in the same way as the Jewish were and the behaviour of the Red Army was comparable to the worst excesses of the Wehrmacht... One of many examples
  12. Well, actually.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_clubs_in_England_by_competitive_honours_won
  13. Good post Anna, as to your last point, probably not. There are too many who are happy to accept the status quo, sadly. We, as a region, are often our own worst enemies.
  14. One of the starkest figures for me to illustrate the gap is the diffirence between spending on transport. In Yorkshire and the Humber its £190 per head. In London, it's £1940! Source
  15. HS2 is designed to speed up the movement of goods and people into London, and effectively increase the size of the London commuter belt - any benefit to the outlying regions is purely a byproduct.
  16. Well yes, of course there will always be no shortage of affordable housing in deprived areas, that doesn't really equate to parity though and it's a pretty solitary crumb of comfort all things considered.
  17. It's not just Yorkshire that this affects. The whole of the North (Barring a few anomalous pockets of wealth) suffers the same (and I 'd also throw Scotland and Wales into the mix too). The north doesn't need to be split still further along county lines, we would need to be unified to make our voices heard in any meaningful way.
  18. I'll soon be 44 years old and for as long as I can remember, people have been discussing the North/South divide. I'm not talking about what people in London have on their chips vs what we have on ours, or the diffirence between bath or baarth, I'm talking about serious, real world issues that affect us all. As a Northerner, I'm expected to die younger, earn less and have fewer opportunities (both educational and vocational) than my Southern counterpart. I will have far less spent on my local infrastructure and services by central Government, and only this week, we've learned that when my lot is done, I can expect to receive less hospice care than those down south (Story here). Various Governments of various political leanings have promised to do something about the divide, but all have invariably failed as the gap grows wider by the day. So at what point do we, as Northerners, say enough is enough and do something about it? What would it take to make you take a stand?
  19. I think the River Ness has always been seen as the main point of ingress for any large creature (Seals for example have been known to swim well up the river in the past). As for the photo, one of the main culprits for mis-identification which has been put forward in the past are large Sturgeon fish and you know, that photo doesn't look a million miles away from what a big Sturgeon would look like from above..
  20. That's one way of looking at it. Another would be he's a 21 year old kid who's railing against the world because his son is dying and he's powerless to stop it. Or you know, go with the idiot thing...
  21. So FIFA were correct then when they said the Poppy was political symbol? Looks like they're owed some apologies.
  22. You're not kidding - from reading the amount of barely concealed anger on the 'tinterweb, I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought the episode was really rather good!
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