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  1. I can recommend Kevin at A1 turf supplies. You can call him on 07961450129 Hope this helps.
  2. I can recommend ace damp proofing. Worked on lots of jobs with them. They're in chesterfield on 01246260534 Hope this helps.
  3. I can recommend a good roofer, he's done a lot of work for me this year. His name is John, and his number is 07889822338 Hope it helps.
  4. Hi clearboys, It was me that spotted this bird on geer lane last Sunday. I posted My sighting on sbsg. I also saw a golden oriole nine years ago, about a mile from my recent sighting. I've been contacted by the county recorder for Derbyshire-rare and scarce bids. I have to provide the details to have both sightings documented.
  5. £50 per square yard is a reasonable price, but have to say that it depends very much on the quality.
  6. I can recommend bob at lynthorpe joinery. He's made the doors and windows for several barn conversions I've worked on.
  7. Very true ging, but after 20+ years in the building trade, I've met some remarkable tradesmen. Keep trying to help people on here, by recommending them.
  8. I have recommended a top class kitchen fitter on here numerous times. Pretty sure I sent you kittycat a pm with his contact details.
  9. I can recommend M&T transmissions at bradway, done lots of work for me.
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