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  1. Anyone any idea where i can get hold of 4, 7ft long scaffolding poles for a garden project im working on, doesnt matter if they are dirty or used as long as they are straight
  2. thanks admin for merging my post asking for reccomendations of where to buy cheap fence panels and tagging it onto the end of someone elses post in a section for developers and house builders where the demographic i want to answer will have no idea its there..... it would be nice for you to at least message me and let me decide what i want to do with the post, instead i had to search all my posts and couldnt understand why someone elses was showing until i scrolled to the end of page 3 and found my post. I put it in general discussion section because i wanted normal everyday folks to answer and give recomendations and get more of wider database of answers and opinions. I wasnt selling or offering work or looking for a tradesman to come and do the work, i wanted peoples own experience and thier preffered companies. Thanks again ADMIN for making sheffield forum what its become in the many years since i joined....
  3. As the title suggests im looking for companies offering the cheapest prices on fence panels, concrete posts and gravel boards, i'll be fitting them myself but as everyone does i want the best bang for my buck and want decent quality without having my arm pulled out of its socket
  4. we are not i the era of star trek yet lol, i just want a plexiglass side panel making which will fully replace the aluminium side panel on the pc case im modding
  5. Can I drop off the aluminium panel I want copying and you get all the measurements off that, I think the size of the panel on that YouTube video I posted and there are 20 holes of 4mm diameter
  6. yes please ian can you give a quote for it please, thanks
  7. its a computer side panel ian thisis what im doing exact same pc and side panel not sure if SF will let me post the link to youtube ---------- Post added 17-01-2017 at 19:03 ---------- do you also supply the plexiglass?, as the pice i had is now cracked from the last hole i tried to drill lol
  8. I'm putting this here because I have no idea where I would ask on here. I need a piece of dark grey smoked plexi glass cutting to my specified size with 20 4mm holes drilled in it and a thin lip/tab created running along one side, I want a perfect copy of a sheet of aluminium I already have, this plexi glass will replace the aluminium panel
  9. Does anyone know the direct local number for currys at pakgate rotherham, i've searched the usual avenues and it seems every branch is listed except that one so if anyone has the direct nimber it would be much appreciated
  10. Thanks for the info so far guys, ive looked in the service manual and there is a step by step guide for getting to the fan, and its a simple plug and play and swap over of fan blades. All symptoms point to faulty fan carosio, i've already sourced a new motor out which is a lot cheaper than i thought at £25.99 with free postage instead of £40. I will probably have a go at it myself, i know after the unit has been off for a while it takes upto 72 hours to become fully functioning again, so it'll be a long wait to see if its worked properly, I know when the fan goes faulty it usually doesn't just stop it works intermittently usually after the door has been opened for about 10 mins after then stops and begins to warm up again. If its still doing it after i replace the fan at least i can rule that out.
  11. not sure if its in the right section, Mods please move it if it isn't thanks. hi does anyone know a decent fridge freezer repair company/man, i have a DAEWOO frs-u20dcb american style fridge freezer. Problem - the freezer section has stopped freezing food the higher in the compartment you go the warmer it gets. i've been searching via google for the last 2 days and have found a common problem with this model that explains my symptoms. there is a fan at the top of the freezer that circulates the cold air around the freezer and also blows air into the fridge section, its located behind the ice maker unit at the top of my freezer. i know the fans are between £30 and £40 to buy, and would have a go at it myself but the wife is a bit worried. i would like to know how much including fan would a repairman charge to fix the problem (if that is the problem) Thanks
  12. does anyone know the number for effingham motors, as my son has tried ringing them on thier advertised number but its not working the number he has is 0114-272 9912, and ive just tried it and it says number is not recognised, any help would be good thanks
  13. lol still laughing, sheff utd do those sort of offers almost weekly, when i used to work there, they were always having kids for a quid, and bogof deals, but meh i had my fun onwards and upwards.
  14. do you live in the industrial estate around hillborough? yes i understand if the cars are completely blocking access, like parking across driveways or stopping wheelchair/pushchair access but from what ive seen of this groups video's if the people parked fully on the roads as ive said, theose roads would be grid locked for 5 hours. maybe he should video the road works on pennistone road as they caused more traffic chaos than the parked cars on saturday
  15. hahahahaha, sorry cant comment on game just cant stop laughing at POUNDSWORTHS avatar after yesterdays results.....
  16. so this inconsiderate parking group who have moaned to the council, where do they expect the 1000's of fans to park? surely the reason most park half and half (still giving access to pushchairs & wheelchairs) is because if they parked fully on the road a lot of them would be fully impassable on home games, and surely the congestion for sheff utd games is 10 times worse with it being in the town center , cars parked half and half as down as eastbank road and up as far as ecclsall road, this guy needs to get a life
  17. some take them but will charge you about £20 for disposal due to the greenhouse gasses used in them
  18. i had that problem, no data through sim just wifi after many phone calls to john/trevor/mary with distinct asian accents i finally got through to a call center in the uk, fixed my problem within 2 minutes..apparently my data package had been switched off, it could be as simple as that
  19. I agree grappler, she was the first in a long line from both parties of PM's who dont give a toss about the common man
  20. in answer to the op NO, never, the repercussions of her actions all those years ago are still felt today, look at the state of our housing,buses,trains,steel industry,mining and it was her deregulation and promotion of greed in the banking industry that got us in this situation today...we now have to import 80% of the things we used to make ourselves, she praised the forerunners of the taliban calling them freedom fighters while in the same breath calling nelson mandela a common criminal. she should be dropped down one of the many coal mines she forced shut and left to be forgotten
  21. well you dont bounce do you CB.... or maybe you do i dont know
  22. another quality vid from last nights match including last goal and final whistle,
  23. nope not a stato as those who know me on here already know, it was posted on twitter by one of the radio sheffield presenters just after the results came in ---------- Post added 09-04-2013 at 23:55 ---------- view from the fans stand of the mcguire goal and the fans going mental http://twitter.yfrog.com/5egaarhcxnxlqhiuzoivdrwuz
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