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  1. no will do tho just tryed a performance site and another stupid price lol £3k cars only valued at 6k
  2. its a mitsubishi evo 5 but ive tryed all the comparison sites and just getting mental quote after another.
  3. Hi im wondering if anyone knows a cheap sports car insurance company for someone who is 34 and 7 years no claims. I have a car in group 20 insurance which ive just bought and im looking for normal quotes if there is such a thing. We have 2 other cars in the household so wondering what would be a sensible quote.
  4. some fantastic ideas there guys thank you. Fabgirl - good idea about the double sheet with the pads under - ive got loads of the disposable changing pads so will do that for tonight when I make his cot back up. even if I have to lay them all of the cot as he wiggles around loads its still not going to be as bad as having to wash the mattress cover ever time he has an accident. lauren - never heard of nappy liners but will pop out to the shop and see if I can get some. that might just do the trick and give him that bit extra.
  5. thanks for that Katy, my mum was astounded when I told her what theyd said, good job I dont pay much attention to them. How old was your daughter when you first started using the pull ups on her?
  6. can anyone recommend a really good high absorbancy nappy? Xander is now 7months old and has realised what sleep is hes been sleeping an hour or so longer each night, this last week. Its not been a problem before as he usually wakes for a feed before his nappy is full (I always change his nappy just before bedtime and when he wakes in the night). Last night he went from 8pm to 3.30 am but unfortunately woke up wet through so I had to change all his clothes and bedding as well. The problem is that he sleeps on his front so his nappy eventually just squeezes the wet out. Ive spoke to the health visitor about this and all she has said is to put a pad between his bedding and his mattress and if he wakes wet leave him in his wet clothes till morning as the mat will soak any excess wet throughout the rest of the night. Her reasoning behind this is that once ive had to strip him and his bedding and put clean clothes on hell be awake and not go back to sleep. Now Im not happy to do this for a few reasons - hell get cold once his clothes are wet, hell not sleep due to being uncomfortable, not to mention hygiene reasons. So hes in Huggies super dry 4+ nappies and I wondered if there are any better absorbancy nappies out there that I can use just at night? Or if not does anyone have any idea of how I can help him sleep through and not be soaking wet through.
  7. so what man £50 £60 even a ton i dont care wednesday are staying put a weak team who have over achieved this year immensley, in a weak league where noone apart from charlton and the blades know the meaning of how to play football (thanks to d wilson) COME ON CARLISLE COME ON.
  8. I hope we beat mk dons i would love it if we beat them, i want to see wednesday down and out and get beat in the playoffs. Blades premier league in the next 3 years defo enjoy
  9. thank you everyone for posting. Thank you ever so much smmarsh for messaging me your mums address I will pop up and see her soon (hopefully tomorrow) So glad Ive found this wonderful lady, and all because of the sheffield forum
  10. I need to know where this lady lives. I lost my purse this morning in Hillsborough. Iit had all my cards in it as well as a fair amount of cash. After going to the bank i returned how to report it to the police and cancel my cards. I then get a knock at my door. It was a very kind lady by the name of Mrs Holdsworth. She was returning my purse with everything in it. I would like to go take her some flowers round as a thank you. So do you know where she lives? She has dark shoulder length hair and walks with a crutch? if you know where she lives could you please message me. many thanks
  11. thanks Bubble for that. he certainly has no problems with his head et. was a bit concerned though as he slept on his front all night last night regardless of the amount of times he was turned. he actually seems in a better mood when hes slept like that, dont know if it makes any difference or if its me just thinking it but definitely in a brighter mood
  12. ill have a look at them but that would be Brilliant thank you very much.
  13. I know its a No No with babies but at what point does it become ok for them. Our little boy is 25wks old and for the last few weeks has mastered turning himself over to crawl. Problem is he does it in his cot in the night. I always put him to bed in his cot on his back. I have a sensor mat monitor for him. I do check in on him regularly before we go to bed but it doesnt matter how many times I turn him over onto his back he turns himself back. He Obviously finds it very comfortable. Is there anything i can do to keep him on his back? Ive tried using blankets rolled up and placed down his sides but that doesnt work all he does is cry and get frustrated. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. anyone know of any nice restaursants orpubs that serve food, that are child friendly? Once again we have had problems over having a meal in a pub in crosspool. Apparently they have made their pub /restaurant child friendly but once again when we arrive, after booking a table and telling them we will be bringing a baby, we are met with major problems and have to leave and find another place to eat. Were not asking for anything major. My little boy never causes a problem or cries and isnt mobile yet so certainly isnt running around.
  15. this guy is fantastic http://www.beaconsfieldgallery.co.uk/
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