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  1. Hi I’ve recieved a letter today from a debt agency for hundreds of pounds relating to a court case brought by the DVLA that I failed to appear at last year as I was unaware of it. Long story short, I failed to update my v5 when I moved house a couple of years ago and only realised last year when I recieved a fine through the post for 80 pounds from a different debt agency saying that I’d not got any valid car tax(I pay 30pounds a year and normally just wait for the reminder to come through) but because I’d not updated my v5(I had updated my driving license) and stupidly forgot to do so I paid the fine and went to the post office to buy a new v5 as I couldn’t find my old one and to pay a years tax at the same time. Fast forward 2 months later at the back end of last year a letter from the DVLA(they had my new address at that point obviously) to say my car had been seen on a public road from the time it haven’t been taxed and I was needing to pay an out of court settlement of 49 pounds otherwise they will take me to court which again I paid straight away. I’ve now received this debt letter and am worried that the 4 months I was driving around without tax(stupid I know) I may have been sent another out of court settlement letter to my old address that I’ve obviously not seen and that’s the one that they’ve sent to court and now a debt agency is chasing. phoned the debt agency and they say I was due in court on the 29th aug last year and the DVLA letter I recieved for 49.00 in Sept was to say I’d been spotted in July so can’t help thinking it’s for a different occurrence. tried calling DVLA but they’re not answering calls at the moment with Coronavirus. is it possible to be sent to court for the same thing twice on 2 separate occasions? Anyone with any advise would be great.
  2. Hi I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice or if anyone else has been in the same situation. Basically I moved out of a council house OVER 8 months ago!! And today, I’ve got in from work to find a bill from the council demanding over £200 for clearing something external to my old property. They have attached a thumbprint which by anyone’s standard is ineligible to what it is they’ve apparently cleared but more importantly I never left it there! If it’s true and they have cleared something then clearly someone has dumped something in my old garden after I left. Ive called the telephone number on the letter which surprisingly wasn’t a working number anyone but finally got through to someone on another number who then brought up my details and confirmed themselves they couldn’t tell what it was and when they brought the job no up that’s on my letter, no info was available! I’m having to write in to dispute it which obviously I’m going to do but first of all can the council try and charge me for something this long after? And also how the hell am I going to prove it wasent me that left it! It really infuriates me as I cleaned the house top to bottom ready for the new tenant to move in but now this, the cheek of it!
  3. Hi I'm looking to rent a property on Parkside road. Can anyone tell me what the area is like and whether its suitable for a family with kids? Also I've heard a lot about possible problems with parking especially on match days and was wondering if residents were able to park in Hillsborough park carpark with a permit or something similar. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. oh cool, I'll pop in and talk to some one
  5. Hey everyone Can anyone recommend anywhere to go in or around the Sheffield area to take my son and a couple of his mates paintballing for the day. He's 12 years old and never been before so dont know where the best place to go is or how much I'd be expecting to pay. Seen Delta force which is the one near the Strines I think but any advice but be most welcome. Cheers
  6. What is this shop for exactly? I have a virgin credit card, can I just go in and play in the games room with my 2 kids?
  7. Hi Can anyone recommend a nice hotel to stay in somewhere near the Lake District for like a long weekend? As cheap as possible if I'm being honest but somewhere that's maybe got some nice scenery and walks close by. Any help would be great.
  8. Hi I have a HP ultrabook that has developed the blue screen of death. I'm unable to turn it on in safe mode. When I select the safe mode option, it looks as though it's attempting to do it but then just returns to the blue screen. Firstly is this fixable? And secondly, if not, is there a way I can transfer my photos and saved items still? Any advice welcome.
  9. Does anyone know if we are able to bag extra rubbish up at the side for them to take as well? I think they have done previous years at Christmas but can't see anything on the website for this year?
  10. Sale Amount : £15 Reason for Rehome / Sale : KITTENS Time Scale – How Urgent? : AVAILABLE NOW Has the Cat ever been in Rescue : NO Location : S5 Age & Sex : not sure on sex to be honest its hard to tell! Vaccinated & Wormed : NO Neutered & Micro chipped : NO Breed/ Mix : Colour/markings : GINGER Long/Shorthaired : SMALLER 2 SHORT HAIR, LARGER ONE LONG HAIRED Live in / Or in and out : IN AT THE MOMENT Used to a cat flap : NO Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals : OTHER CAT Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues : NONE Temperament : PLAYFUL OK with Dogs / Cats : CATS YES BUT NOT SURE ABOUT DOGS Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching : YES Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching : YES Good or Bad with Children : GOOD Dislike of Men or Women : NO Housetrained : LITTER TRAINED Any further General Information you can share. I have 3 kittens in total, all ginger. They are approximately 10 weeks old and they go up in size lol. Theres a small one with short hair then a medium one with slightly longer hair and then the largest one who likes eating and is very fluffy. If interested pm me or contact me on 07903176667.
  11. Whats wrong with 2 for Tuesday? Err its Thursday. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hiya Has anyone got any discount codes for Dominos. I had some but threw them out by mistake!
  13. How would you connect it though? Do you need a particular type of cooker hood?
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