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  1. Yep. Had I checked a month earlier that the deposit wasn't a sham I'd have known to withhold the final month's rent, but being far too trusting it never occurred 'til it was too late.
  2. I ended up £750 out of pocket... My landlord defaulted on her mortgage, then went bankrupt. First we knew was a letter giving us our notice (2 months I think?) from whoever was managing the bankruptcy. In our last month at the property I rang the tenancy deposit scheme to reclaim the deposit only to find she had given me a false reference, never paid it in. Stupidly I have left this until after we had let the final month's rent direct debit go out. No hope of recovering the £750 deposit really. Was advised we could go through small claims but her list of debts was HUGE and we were one of the smallest so unlikely ever to see it. William H Brown didn't even give me time on the phone to advise, they washed their hands of it despite them telling me the deposit was in scheme and giving me the fake reference number. Lessons learned the hard way. But tenants can suffer when landlords can't keep up with finances! Luckily my current landlord is a gem.
  3. Jeez, you really can't post ANY topic on here without someone having something miserable to say can you? Thanks Berlingo and Moke, helpful. To answer the question Nagel and BLADE8T1 - when he also needs a haircut, he treats himself to a proper cut throat shave at the same time. He does of course own a razor but as he's one of the lucky ones who has a full face of stubble a few hours after shaving, a proper close shave is a nice treat, especially after having a full moustache I image.... Good enough?
  4. NOT for me, might I add... My other half is working in Sheffield today and tomorrow, near the Arena. For his sake and mine, he needs to get rid of the impressive 'tache he's grown for Movember! He normally goes to a barbers near his home in London but as he's away and doesn't want to wait until Monday, can anyone recommend somewhere near where he's working for a good shave and a haircut? Thanks.
  5. Pork Pie. Can't even look at it or be around when someone eats it. And the usual spiders. Accidentally walked in on a tarantula demo in the lobby of the Bug house (error) at London Zoo at the weekend, heart beat went a bit loopy for a while.
  6. Thanks again, some really useful stuff. Know where to look out for when we're closer to coming back. Am going to go for a nosey at Kelham Island (not been since I was little and went to the museum!) and some of the other spots people have mentioned. The boyfriend is amazed at some of the rental prices being a Londoner all his life, love it! Similar costs to apartments in Norwich it seems though. Any ideas roughly what kind of council tax costs we would be looking at in a 1 or 2 bed flat in the center? Know it'll vary but not sure what band they're likely to fall into.
  7. Thanks all. I did wonder if it was a bad sign there were so many Blonk Street ones up for rent... this-life, I'm actually in Norwich, it's the fella in London (well, greater) but sounds good. LowerWalkley, Eckolad - Guess it's just a matter of taste. Know city living isn't the most cost-effective but it's what we want at first, until we've settled, found what area of Sheff we would want to live in long term and hopefully buy in. I like being in the city, and I'm definitely not pretentious or a snob haha. Stressconsul - would just be looking to rent, wouldn't buy a flat. Ta everyone, useful stuff.
  8. ... well, possibly. I'm from Sheffield but left in 2004. My boyfriend and I (currently a North Londoner) are planning to move in together next year - discussed going somewhere between his family (Barnet) and mine (Sheffield) but he has visited and actually loved Sheffield (woohoo!) so may be able to head home again at some point, which is exciting. However I've been away so long I can no longer find my way around the crazy one-way road system in the centre and there are about 20 new flat developments in the city which weren't there. And considering I lived in Halfway before leaving, my knowledge of the 'good' bits of central Sheffield to live in is pretty outdated. So... just wondering where to start looking, if and when we do. We'll look to rent for a while, and he'd like to live in the centre. Any thoughts on the better flat developments in the city centre? Would need parking. Don't mind it being a lively area but preferably not totally studenty (I just resent them as I'm not one anymore...). I see a lot of the Blonk Street flats on Rightmove, don't really know what it's like round there to live. Some nice looking ones in West One too. But clueless really, any suggestions very welcome! We're up for another recce in a couple of weeks...
  9. My old school (Eckington) needed an earthquake before it would send pupils home! Even when most of the knackered old buses couldn't make it in because of snow it was open. If the head could make it in from Leicester, the pupils could. I think I can remember one, maybe two days, during my 7 years there where it actually closed for a day.
  10. Off to live in Norfolk in less than a week... never would've thought about missing the hills, but I suppose there's no lovely high views of Norwich like there is of Sheffield! I already miss the city centre of Sheffield, especially Peace Gardens on a nice day. I miss having Meadowhall nearby (yes I know I'll get slated for that one... I think it's easy for shopping, so shoot me ) I miss trams. I hate buses.
  11. Oh! Have never considered taking away an actual British Citizen's citizenship before. Interesting idea... Not sure if it's something I would support or not. My first thought would be the usual system of justice but then knowing how that sometimes works
  12. I don't have enough hobbies... I worry I'm boring I like to paint, when the mood takes me. I read a lot, but again in phases, sometimes I won't read for weeks, the other times I have a book in my hand every spare minute, like I have the last few weeks. I used to make/alter/play with clothes but not so much any more I wish I still played piano or did gymnastics... I gave up too many hobbies when I was younger!
  13. The only cheques I have used recently were rent payments as a student, none any more. I still get paid by cheque though!
  14. It says '37-year-old Briton' which to me implied he is British born? I presume you mean take away his citizenship if he was born elsewhere and granted British citizenship later?
  15. Nice to see no one has said Lincoln! And... relieved no mention of Norwich too, seeing as I'll be there permanently 6 days from now! Have to say, went right off Skegness after 3 consecutive summer 'holidays' there! Must defend Scunthorpe a little bit... though I only ever go to watch matches at Glanford Park, oh and had one interesting night out there, but it's not bad!
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