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  1. It does a bit, thanks! Although I can't find anything online about Crown Holme Ltd who are mentioned. I guess Broomhill Library is the next port of call...
  2. Thought I'd resurrect this thread. We're also interested if anyone knows anything about who owns this blue building on Ashgate Road. We've spoken to Fable and they don't know anything. We have exciting ideas for what we could do with this building!
  3. I couldn't work out which section to post this under, hope someone looks at this here! I'm looking for a 1930s door for my house and have found this one on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-1930s-front-door-excellent-condition-/171335767270?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Doors_LE&hash=item27e46854e6 My current front door is 815 wide, and this one is listed as 850 wide. My question is, is that too much to trim off this door in your professional opinion? Or would it be alright? The post says the door is of solid construction. Thanks for any advice in advance!
  4. Does anyone know re the Sheffield cats shelter... If adopting a kitten, do they need you to prove you won't leave the kitten unattended for a certain number of hours during the day? Like the rspca does? Ours would be unattended with our older cat from 9-5 as we go to work. I don't want to be disappointed when we go and try to adopt one!
  5. Calling all chicken owners! I'm thinking of getting a few chickens soon to have in my back garden, however I'm wondering about what to do with them when we go away on holidays, or away for the weekend. Id be interested to hear what other chicken owners do when they go away? Its not quite the same as just asking someone to pop in and feed your cat is it? I don't want to get the chickens then realise i have no one to look after them. Any thoughts or advice would be most appreciated, thanks!
  6. I feel bad saying I'm glad to read about all your mishaps, but it does put my failings of my first year of allotmenting into perspective! I thought it was just my inexperience, but it is good to know that it will be that combined with the weather and insane slug population this year. Is enough to put anyone off, but I will endeavour to do better next year. Having said that, I had some lovely early potatoes, lots of broad beans, a good few courgettes and my tomatoes are producing well in the polytunnel :-) As for everything else....
  7. Hi folks, I'm looking to try winemaking for the first time, and was just wondering if anyone had any winemaking equipment they were wanting to get rid of or sell? Just before I fork out on new. Get in touch if so!
  8. Hi all, My boyfriend and I are considering putting an offer in on a property but would need to convert the detached single garage into an office for it to meet our needs. I've just spoken to a local garage conversion company who are asking for £50 to provide a quote, as we don't own the property. This seems a bit steep to me, but maybe I'm being naive. Can anyone recommend a company who will provide us with a free quote to do this work? Thanks Hannah
  9. Been on today, lovely new taps to see, and the water is on! Thanks all for your posts
  10. I presume you are referring to the fact that in all of these locations are other well established chain coffee shops??
  11. Hi! Oh, that's very good news, means something's being done at least. Not got chickens yet...after having our plot broken into and our polytunnel vandalised slightly, I'm a bit concerned re the welfare of the chickens. Seems people just break in to cause destruction for fun.
  12. Um...neither! Somewhere comfortable to be, with a personal touch, that serves really good coffee, and good food sourced from local providers where possible. Do you think there's a market for that? Or do people either want costa-lot or greasy spoon?
  13. Haha well thanks for your opinion there! Why do you think that?
  14. I'd like to gain people's opinions on locations where they feel Sheffield is lacking a really good independent coffee shop/cafe. Perhaps you travel a distance from your home/work to get to one but wish that you didn't have to? I'm considering starting one up, so would appreciate any input as to location.
  15. Oh it's not that the water isn't turned on, I know that only happens from April. It's that all the water points I have seen have had their taps severed off by people up to no good. If anyone knows a tap on the Meersbrook site that is still present and working then I would much appreciate hearing about it please.
  16. I don't have any issue with rent increases to be honest! When I initially received my invoice detailing how much it would cost for the year I was shocked at how cheap it was for how big my plot is. What annoys me is that I'm paying for water I have no access to. They either need to get the water taps fixed, or we need to stop paying for water, one or the other.
  17. Does anyone know the councils plans for fixing the water taps on the Meersbrook site? I'm going to call the allotments office tomorrow I think, but just wondered if anyone on here already knows? I got my letter through the other day about rent rates for the year, and feel slightly annoyed at having to pay for water that I can't access. Being a newbie plot owner, my new water butts are completely empty, and with the complete lack of rain I'm not keen to plant anything out as I can't water it.
  18. I thought I had secured ours but turns out it was nowhere near good enough. And stupidly I had left things on the plot, so we've had a lot of stuff stolen within the past couple of days. They've also vandalised our new polytunnel, and trampled on some pea seedlings on their way up the plot from wherever they broke in from. A lady a few plots down from me has also had things stolen recently. Not to put you off! Like gunner1980 said, just don't leave anything on your plot. I certainly won't be doing in future. Or if I do, I'm getting a really secure lock-up in place. It's a shame we're just meant to accept it though as a fact of life. Surely if enough of us tenants kicked up enough fuss to the police and the allotments office we could do something about it?? I saw an article on the news the other day about an allotment site being patrolled by police with night vision goggles!
  19. I'm currently hoping to find about 5 or 6 wooden pallets, to build an 'insect mansion' out of on my allotment. A bit like this one, if anyone is curious! http://www.metrofieldguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/wildlife-trust-insect-hotel-1024x727.jpg If anyone has any pallets, or knows where I might find some, please let me know. Thanks everyone Hannah
  20. Have these already gone to allotmentmad? I'm currently looking for water butts...
  21. Is my first year with an allotment so am very excited to be planting things! Especially since there's still so much ground to dig over and get ready. Got tomatoes, chilli and peppers going on my windowsill, and then onions, carrots, peas and lettuce in under cover on my allotment.... Oh and potatoes are chitting ready. Broad beans and raspberry canes going in soon, and my fruit trees when they arrive! (dwarf rootstock of course!)
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