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  1. I have a friend that goes in here quite a lot and he enjoys this place then told me that if your having a meal and you are a member then is 2 for 1 surely that can't be right? Can anyone tell me if this is true?
  2. I have been surprised by all the response, thanks. overall I still think its a bad idea but that's my opinion, I have been working away last few days so not had chance to come on here and post my views. The landlord is a joke to be fair any landlord that does this must not be bothered about money, Also walked past yesterday and there is signs outside saying STUPID stuff this place is a complete shambles. I like drinking in weatherspoons on woosdeats and laycocks, a lot better pint in weatherspoons than this place. But hearing sometimes he sells pints in here at £1 a pint is this true?
  3. I called in the ale house about 3 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon or it might have been a Sunday the place is a joke called in for a pint the bloke behind the bar said sorry but if you havnt been here before I cant serve you? So which I said sorry you what? He says I only serve regulars and I don’t want strangers in, so I was really confused another bloke said ( come on **** he only wants a pint ) and he said sorry I will not serve him, I will not name him on here but I just think its an absolute joke why would you turn down custom? . Anyone else had this problem in here or anywhere else?
  4. Went to the one at laycocks this year must admit not as good as i thought it would be, Will know for next year now
  5. Does anyone know anywhere that are doing a childrens pantomime tonight or tomorrow? Heard a pub/club was doing one but forgot what it was called?
  6. Had a meal there went with my partner about 3 months ago and when the food came out mine mine looked ok but my partners was wrong, So we told the staff this is not what we ordered so they said ok five mins and everything will be sorted, Anyway i had finnished my food and then my partners finally come out and by then her appetite had gone it was a joke so i refused to pay for two meals. Was more annoyed because we got this place recomended to us, They got an ear full of me
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