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  1. Anyone know what's happened in Longley park? Loads of police and helicopter about 5 o'clock. Here's hoping it's nothing serious.
  2. There was a hedgehog out during the day for about three days which they say means there is smething wrong. He never rolled into a ball and kept going onto the road. Then the crows started to hang around. So I took him to the vets. I could feel his chest ruttling. The gave him fluids during the night but had to put him to sleep the following morning. He wasn't well at all. I know people will say I should have left it to nature. But I couldn't stand and watch the crows do what they do. The vets at Firth Park brilliant.
  3. Don't touch Harveys!! Waited 16 weeks for a settee that came in two differant colours, damaged, recliner not working and can feel the metal or wooden frame through the arm. Have to wait another 13 weeks for a replacement and won't give us any money back as a good will gesture. Don't go there.
  4. There's a place on brighside lane that hires motorhomes.
  5. All my garden furniture got stolen last week. Scum bags.
  6. just don't touch amberly garage, or huxtable trade cars. Or whatever they're calling themselves this month.
  7. Don't know about the birds but it's a lovely place. Carsington fields is a lovely camp site.
  8. Had a weekend at filey in our camper in november. Brisk but lovely.
  9. Can't make or receive calls since 4 o'clock yesterday.
  10. Cheers John. Thanks for coming up trumps. Sounds lovely. Best get breaks tested before we go.
  11. I'm guessing Sheffielders don't venture much further than Skegvagas then?
  12. Anyone been to any good campsites in the lake district? Too many on the UK campsite and pitch up sites. Thought a bit of Sheffield knowledge would be better. Cheers in advance.
  13. Maplins must be so proud to have such a thoughtful store manager. Don't think I'll be popping in any time soon. Wonder if other people feel the same.
  14. I'm thinking carpet gripper. Anti vandal paint. Yeah. Cheap and nasty.
  15. The glass survived. That Asda garden furniture is obviously made of good stuff. It was in the Longley area. Any prevention tips? Razor wire? Shards of glass? I wish.
  16. 3.30 this morning three lads tried stealing our garden furniture. Luckily they thought they'd start with the table, to which the glass fell off with an almighty bang. One on foot, one on a bmx and one on a mountain bike. Scumbags.
  17. Brown and white whippet/greyhound wondering round Longley park area. Unable to get close enough to check collar. Think he's been hit by a car at some point. Apparently the warden and police have been contacted.
  18. Laneside in Hope is said to be very dog friendly. I'm going to try it for myself next weekend. Plenty of dog walks as well. So we'll see.
  19. Apparently they've run off. Tells it's own story I suppose.
  20. Anyone know what's happening near Longley school? No smart a**e answers thank you.
  21. Has anyone used this as a method of payment? Google wallet or Google checkout. Could it be a scam?
  22. Greenhead farm and fox hag farm. Google them.
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