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  1. We’re looking to hire a spray painter to join our team in January. Candidate will work roughly 30-35 hours per week as part of a two man team spraying kitchen carcasses on site. Duties include prepping, spraying, masking, removing and installing kitchen doors and drawers across South Yorkshire. Driving licence preferred £17,500-£21,000 per year depending on experience. Send CVs to sales@themobilespraypaintingcompany.co.uk
  2. Is there any walking football leagues or teams in Sheffield? I’ve looked at few places but it seems difficult to find any teams out there 😂
  3. Brilliant idea! Is there any walking football teams looking for players?
  4. What is required to become your sponsor? How much will it cost etc?
  5. Hi all! I run a small non profit production company that spoofs characters for pure comedic entertainment. These are shown across our ever growing Facebook page and fan site. What we need now is a few local Sheffield businesses to shoot these short sketches. They will be filmed either before or after hours to make sure your regular business is not disrupted and will take no longer than 30 minutes. Ideally we could use a sandwich shop, convince store, gym and tattoo studio. However it can be anything as we will write to the locations we get. You will be sent the clips we use before we publish to make sure your completely happy with them and your business will not be shown in a negative light. We can't offer payment but your business will be promoted in the videos and across social media. If you sound interested please email us with a few pictures of your business and a little info so we can be back In touch within the next two weeks. CJR2001@hotmail.co.uk Thanks.
  6. Yeah, from what I know Arthur had a son called Brian, and Brian had two sons called Brian and thomas, and twin girls. Arthur had two more sons, darren and daniel, with his second wife, Sandra.
  7. My nan remembers when Arthur Glasby and twelvetress (she thinks) and 2 others was in a car and Arthur accident flipped it over on its roof.
  8. I'm sure Arthur and Joyce adopted a son called Brian?
  9. Me? I went to Myrtle Springs School, it's not there now. How about you?
  10. The longelys apparently lived next door to Arthur Glasby
  11. Hi everyone, I'm posting this thread for my grandmother who used to live at 147 Newhall road from 1949-1964. Her name is Sandra Glasby now but back then it was Sandra Williams, she had siblings Doreen and Barry, her mother daisy Williams and she worked at sandersons. Also my grandfather is Arthur Glasby who also lived in Newhall road at roughly the same time, he was married to a lady called Joyce. If this sounds familiar to anyone ease reply as it would make my nana day thanks.
  12. Hi Tracey, what is your dads name, is his or any of your aunts second name Longley by any chance?
  13. hi all, My grandfather is Arthur Glasby. He was married to Joyce Glasby and they split and married my grandmother Sandra Glasby (was williams). My grandmother lived at 147 Newhall Road from 1948-1964. Arthur lived there roughy the same time. They both worked at sandersons. If anyone knows them my grandmother will be more than happy to talk to anyone and recall the good old days.
  14. Is 25 to old to start boxing? Where is there in sheffield to go for it?
  15. Almost start of the new season, get your shirt, or team lettered and number up to look more pro! from as little as £70 per team! includes all numbers, club badges and sponsors! or iron on letters and numbers delivered to your door at £1.10 a 7" short number, £1.20 per letter and £1.90 per 12" number. comes in colours of your choice. http://www.facebook.com/TRTSigns
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