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  1. Wagner won't win, it will be like Jedward last year, get to the last 5, but then dissapear!
  2. Thanks for the help guys! I have decided to use the vouchers to buy christmas presents instead!! I will get a iPad soon hopefully though
  3. Lol! I personally think Pes 5 was better
  4. I would do so many things!!!!
  5. Barak Obama (lets give it a little change of letter) =P
  6. Noooooooooo Wagners through Paige
  7. Hi guys Got a forum game we can all play It is called Celeb Madness. How to play: For example if I say David Beckham, you have to post a celebrity who has a first name starting with B for 1 point or for 2 points both of their initials are B. So me start off, David Beckham...
  8. Lol yea i do, or might spend on myself
  9. What is the worlds hardest video game?
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