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  1. Hi Guys, Im looking for Weight Watchers Week 1 plan but i dont want the pro-points plan, i want the old plan, i cant seem to find it online. Does anybody have a copy they could e-mail to me please? Much appreciated. Michelle
  2. Oh well good job i checked then! What about a2btransfers.com ?
  3. Hi guys Has anyone ever used Holidaytransfers.com to book transfers from the airport to their hotel? I was just gonna use them but thought id best check, i dont want to get to turkey and there be no transfer waiting if there rubbish! They are abta protected so im sure they are fine but better of to check. Thanks
  4. Sale Amount: free Reason for Rehome / Sale: moving away Time Scale – How Urgent? not too urgent Has the Cat ever been in Rescue: no Location: Sheffield Age & Sex: 1 female 4 years and two males 3 years Vaccinated & Wormed: yes Neutered & Micro chipped: neutered but not micro chipped Colour/markings: One is black, one is black and white and one is brown and white tabby Long/Shorthaired: all three are short haired Live in / Or in and out: all three live in and out Used to a cat flap: all three are used to a cat flap Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: they all live together and live with dogs Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues: none Temperament: all three are friendly but a little bit timid until they are used to someone OK with Dogs / Cats: all three ok Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching: yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching: yes Good or Bad with Children: all good with children Dislike of Men or Women: no fine with both Housetrained: all three are housetrained All three have been spayed, fully vacinated, flead, wormed and very well looked after. They are looking for loving homes to settle in to. The black and white one if female and is 4 years old. The black one is male and is 3 years old and the brown and white tabby is male and 3 years old and is the brother of the black one and those two are very close. If you would like any other information please get in touch....reason for having to rehome them is not straight forward but essential and will be explained on speaking to any potential new homes. Only serious people get in contact. Thanks
  5. Its a recipe that iv got and it just says buckwheat flour. My friend said the same about gram flour iv never used either so i havnt got a clue to be honest. Thanks
  6. Im making onion bhajis and need buckwheat flour, where can i buy it? Iv checked tesco but they dont do it. Thanks
  7. Aww thats great! Bertie is also settled into his new home. We found his siblings too, 2 brothers and 1 sister and have managed to rehome them as well the great thing is that they can all stay together because the family have taken them all in. I feel much better now i no they are all warm and safe : )
  8. I think iv just found Bertie a new home, how do i know hes gonna go to someone who is going to care for him for life? Im worried and a little bit too attached to him, best make the most of my last night with him : (
  9. Iv just tried calling you but your voicemail is on
  10. Yep mine are the same running around upstairs! They are worse than my dogs lol
  11. I have a kitten, hes 8 weeks old. I found him hiding under a metal create, his mum was stray and she left him to fend for himself so i took him in as the weather was terrible so i could rehome him. Iv had him a week, hes now litter trained, been vet checked, wormed and im just waiting on frontline to come through the post so i can flea him. Obviously i dont want any money for him, he will come with his second lot of flea treatment, worming medicine, lots of toys, a little tray and feeding dish and some food. He is absolutely gorgeous, i want to keep him but i already have 3 cats and 3 dogs and dont have much more room. If your interested let me know. I want him to go to a good home and to someone whose not going to get bored of him once hes grown out of the kitten stage. Hes very playful and is as good as gold and very affectionate, he will need to be kept in for a while so he can get used to living indoors as my house is the first home hes ever had. Weve named him bertie but im sure who ever takes him will change it. Let me know as i have another person who may be interested. Thanks
  12. Aww bless pudding! I found a little kitten last Tuesday, his mother was stray and left him to fend for himself so i had to take him in i couldnt leave in, good job i did because the day after we had all that snow, it probably wouldnt have survived. We took it to the vets to be checked over before we brought it home and it was healthy, the vets gave us some worming medicine for him for free, so hes all wormed, just waiting for the Frontline to come through the post so i can flea him, iv litter trained him too, very lovely friendly little stray kitten, only 8 weeks old. My house is the first house hes ever been in and absolutely loves the raidiator! Weve called him bertie. I cant bare to see cats suffer, so many people are so cruel to them. Im only looking after him until i find him a permenant home though as my house is like a zoo already! Hes got lots of toys and loves to play. Im trying to upload pics but i dont know how on here! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=578296&id=833045631&l=f78a6b3423 I think this is it.
  13. My other half found her near his work in morley, she is black and white.
  14. Yeah shes introducing the carrier so hopefully we can get her to the vets soon! In the meantime my mum isnt letting her back out.
  15. When my mum has gone to bed shes leaves the cat in the same room on its own but when my mum gets up in the morning and goes to see her, she has caused a little madness by knocking things over by trying to get on the mantel and window sills. I dont know if shes trying to escape or looking for a safe place. My mum is worried, shes never done anything like this before but i keep reassuring her that its time and patience and hopefully the cat will come round!
  16. Hi, my mum has very kindly taken a stray cat in, shes about 7 months old, she has had a little bit of human contact, shes never been in a house or anything like that. My mum has been keeping it in one room with a litter tray, food, water and a bed. Shes very scared and timid which is obvious really. My mum doesnt stroke her or anything like she just leaves her to get used to her new environment and just sits and talks to her and gives her little treats from her hands and so far the cat has responded to it all pretty well. Shes been using the litter tray and now started eating properly, my mum has given her a flea tablet in her food has shes not able to handle her just yet. The cat is not grooming/washing herself is this normal? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  17. Can anyone tell me what this course is about, i cant find that much on the sheffield college website. What job prospects are at the of it? Thanks
  18. bowls People always say doctors always say youve got IBS when they cant find anything else wrong with you!
  19. Hi, i found out a few months ago that iv got IBS, basically its driving me nuts........ I get severe back pain, bloatedness, constant need of wanting the tiolet which is embarrasing, feeling sick Is there anything i can do to help my symptoms, iv today started a food diary.. Im suffering from aniexity attacks because of worrying about going to the tiolet, its starting to control my life a little too much. I need help and advice
  20. cool thanks for that. What about in the evening? its not too cool is it?
  21. Hey, Im looking to go to Tenerife at the end of march beginning of April. Has anyone ever been at that time of year? Could you tell me how warm it was in the day and in the evening? Thanks
  22. Just wondering if the black cat who seems to live around the shops (newsagents, fruit shop, jewellers) at Banner Cross belongs to anyone? It hasnt got a collar on or anything, i just feel abit sorry for it and dont know if anyone feeds it or anything
  23. let 16 year olds book holidays without parents? Thanks
  24. People who say to me they cant afford vets bills really really bug me! There is such a thing as insurance, why get pets in the first place! My cat got run over 6 weeks ago and i didnt have insurance then and it came to £800 to make him better, i didnt have this but i made sure i got it or they would have had to put him down, hes now insured thankfully. Some people get there pets when they are babies and then arnt bothered about them when they are grown up and when the novelty has worn off, its cruel and angers me.
  25. My jack russell percy does it, especially with rabbit poo and tries to eat sheep poo which is vile, there scruffy little buggers lol no amount of telling off stops him or pulling him away when hes on the lead
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