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  1. If you like carboot sales, but with even cheaper prices, then head on down to the Greenhill Garage Sale, 99 Westwick Road, Saturday 14th December 11am onwards. We are selling some items which are brand new at prices so low you best get your copper pennies out! Household items, Garden Items, Clothing, Toys, Computer games, Dvds, Cds, Toddler & Baby items, furniture, bikes, ornaments. Come and do your christmas shopping at the Greenhill Garage Sale. No reasonable offer refused! 99 WESTWICK ROAD, S8 7BU SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER 11AM ONWARDS.... come on down!!!
  2. Rosie's Cakes. She has done all our birthdays and special occasions, good prices and excellent quality you can contact her via her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Rosiescakes
  3. LADIES!!! Come and join our online community of Daily Piecers. Women who enjoy the male form in all it's beautiful glory. Come and get a piece of the action! You can leave requests or just enjoy the daily pieces of manly hotness for your viewing pleasure! Or just have a bit of banter with our other ladies. We are a growing group of like minded women who enjoy nothing more than ogling a six pack in the morning. Why not come by and see what all the fuss is about? We'd love to have you! http://www.facebook.com/PieceDaily :hihi::D
  4. heard them loads this morning as i took my daughter to nursery sounded like it was coming from behind lowedges school at first i thought it was a car backfiring but it happened too many times
  5. yeah..........still want a puppy please guys this is what i am looking for. know all about older pups n rescue dogs etc. not what im after please.
  6. I require a puppy as we would like to bring the dog up around my children and in our own way. i appreciate there are dogs while need re-homing but I am not prepared to take on a dog who has had a previous owner and/or a past i know nothing about. Does anyone know of anyone selling puppies???
  7. Hi, I live in sheffield & have looked on several sites for a Puppy for my mum, who is disabled and lives alone. (She has multiple Sclerosis, so is not so badly disabled she can not look after a dog, just to be clear. She dog sits for friends all the time & also looks after my children competently) She wants a puppy for company and for my kids to play with when they visit her. I've looked on several sites, but many are asking a hefty price even for mixed breed dogs! Now, I'm well aware you have to pay a lot for some pedigree dogs but I feel £100 is quite reasonable for a mixed breed. That is around our budget mark, perhaps we would go more for the right dog. No staffy or rottweiler breeds please. If anyone has any puppies or a breeder in the local sheffield area please let us know!
  8. Why does someone always have to be a jobsworth and spoil it? This sounds absolutely awesome thanks for putting it on here otherwise I would never have known! Off to buy my ticket now thanks guys!
  9. Does anyone know what the situation with royal mail is this week? I am expecting some packages from ebay and im hoping the postman is still out n about delivering! Does anyone know, or has ne1 had their post delivered as normal yet today?
  10. My 6 year old son has asked for drumming lessons can anyone reccomend a tutor or a music school that does them please?
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