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  1. Whatever next. They will be banning crackers soon.
  2. What course are you doing, and where are you living? Away from home? Close to uni? etc.................
  3. Fair enough. I still think it just takes common sense not to fall for internet scams, but I take your points on board.
  4. Hes 31............... However look at the date he posted this.
  5. Yes I agree it is naivity and ignorance, but it is the lack of common sense which makes people fall for this type of thing. This is not too dissimilar to the 419 scammers..... I find it hard to believe that someone can fall for a con where they get an email from a 'Nigerian Prince' who promises the person plenty of riches in exchange for them first transferring over a hefty amount of money. Its the same thing. Anyone with an ounce of sense would see straight through it.
  6. You have to be extremely thick to fall for any of that crap. Common sense.
  7. I always seach my name I went for option number 3 btw. Contrary to my name, I hate Spyro.
  8. Watch out for Cheick Kongo. An undisputed champion in the making.
  9. Cheers Red Had to make my first post on the forum in months in the Subaru thread
  10. Why do people keep resurrecting this thread?
  11. If one half of a conjoined twin commits a murder and is found guilty, what happens? what do you think should happen? Picture the scene Conjoined twins sitting at the dinner table (such as the twins in that video just posted). One of them has an argument with someone that they are sitting next to. Gets heated, and in a split second stabs the person with a knife. That cant be stopped, and the other twin wouldnt have known what was going to happen.
  12. I was actually referring to the media, so my apologies for my crap worded post. I actually enjoy these debates.
  13. Maybe he didnt want to touch your hands for fear of catching some dirty disease.
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