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  1. Hi Bigkev and hovelman, I was at Jordanthorpe 1966-1970 and lived on Becket Rd,Lowedges.I remember Janet Cowen from those days and she did indeed live on Gresley Rd, I no longer live in Sheffield but wish you well with your search.My school days were spent with Kev Bamford, Kenny Broadhead, Steve Lunn, Dave Teather, Rodney Short, Bill Linton, Richy Ashworth, Tina and Dianne Sellars, Beverley Goddard, Beverley Bullass, Lynne Jubb, and many many more, would love to hear from anyone else who was around at that time, cant believe its nearly 50 years ago, good times and lots of memories both good and bad, anyway, best wishes to all past and present, Chris
  2. I was at jordanthorpe school 1966-70 Chris Bullen,anyone still out there?
  3. grennel mower,magpie lowedges,batemoor and jordanthorpe pubs,woodseats hotel,big tree and chantry.good days 1970-80
  4. I used to live on becket rd,lowedges went to jordanthorpe school 1966-70.would love to hear from any old schoolmates or neighbours.then moved onto batemoor-whinacre walk.come on someone get in touch.
  5. anyone out there from jordanthorpe school 1966-70.i lived on becket rd lowedges.love to hear from old schoolmates or neighbours.
  6. hi anyone out there who used to go to jordanthorpe school 1966-70.i lived on becket road lowedges.love to hear from old school mates or neighbours.
  7. hi big kev,i went to jordanthorpe 1966-70.lived on becket rd lowedges.
  8. i was in the same class as john greaves if i remember right his mum was a cleaner at the school.
  9. hi, I have just joined this forum,I was at Jordanthorpe 1966-1970,lived on Becket Rd Lowedges.would love to hear from any old mates from that time.i knew Derek Burnand when he burnt down the launderette.I used to drink in the Grennel Mower and the Magpie further down the road.i then moved onto Batemoor( Whinacre Walk) and drank in the Jordanthorpe and Batemoor pubs.anyone out there from those days please drop us a line.look forward to hearing from someone.kind regards chris
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