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  1. Have 4 places left for those interested. https://www.facebook.com/events/276670076017964/
  2. Does anyone have a contact number for the organisers. Trying to get some information but cant find much.
  3. Sorry to revive an old thread. Can anyone recommend somewhere reasonable for car storage. Possibly long term.
  4. Well said, String him up. I would happily volunteer to do it as well.
  5. No one knows the facts. Are you for real? its been all over the national press. BBC news, Police have released statements. get a grip of yourself. So this guy is sitting at home laughing at the mis fortune of an animal. laughing he did what he did, bigging it up to his mates etc. Yea awright. This guy deserves everything that comes his way. Rapists, muderers get a cushy life behind bars. Then justice wont prevaile here. Guy will get a banning order or a fine. Great. Poor animal gets a ten pails kicked out of him and burnt. Yea good one.
  6. Wondering if anyone has a Volvo V50 and if so have you had any radio problems with the setting. Approx 3 weeks ago the radio started playing up. The signal I get is only about 30% receiving. Now it is starting to really annoy me not having a radio to listen to. I am led to believe the radio is a difficult job to get to to check the aerial. But I would really like to attempt this. Does anyone have a guide or any methods of getting it to work. Lost without a radio. If anyone can offering any help I would really appreciate this . Thanks
  7. Try Barretts the food there is quality and service good. Might not have a star bt deserve one or two.
  8. Does anyone know who would perform this in sheffield and the costs involved. Would be for a 2.4i volvo v50 petrol. I know mainly folk do diesels but being petrol wondering if anyone does it for them. Need better fuel economy as not getting in just now. Can anyone help.
  9. Just had a read over that site, seems very good, well recommended.
  10. Obviously you haven't read the initial post? so take your illicit remark and crawl back under your keyboard. I wasn't parked illegally. I was working and had noticed people being ticketed. So before making wise cracks you should read the posts correct. amateur
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