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  1. After years of being brought up on semi-skimmed milk I have recently changed to full fat milk. My brother seems to think its much better for you, as you loose a lot of the nutrients when 'skimming' milk. Plus nowadays cutting out all fat is a thing of the past to obtain a healthy diet. . I was just wondering what other forum members drink and whether my brothers opinion holds any truth. Personally I find full milk a bit too creamy at the moment... I am sure I'll get used to it. Whereas skimmed milk tastes no better than water!
  2. Hi there, I'm a student and considering renting on Cecil Square which is just off London Road. Does anyone know what the area is like? Also, what is the average rent pw around the area? Many Thanks
  3. Yeah, I worked for them over the summer last year in Scunny. From what I remember of the interview, I certaintly wouldn't worry about it. Some simple aptitude test (diagrams - how many boxes on the crate? sequences - fill in the missing number, etc. Plus I think they ask you about your good and bad qualities. They're not looking for anything spectacular. Only problems I had with them, was the occasional error in my timesheets. Other than that, they're not bad. Hope this helps.
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