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  1. Expected is the operative word here.Emergency vehicle drivers just don't do this,in fact some of them just turn them on in a situation like this,this can be after approaching quietly instead of having warning systems operating at all times,I have even seen them start hooting to try and get vehicles to move.
  2. If Puggie and Tzijlstra at posts 2and3 above really believe what they have put, I suggest that the next time they are stuck at red lights and an emergency vehicle comes behind them with siren blaring and lights flashing,they just stay there until the lights change to green and see what happens.They will soon find out they will be expected to break the law.
  3. I remember a couple of years ago I drove down from Darnall intending to turn right at the bottom on to Attercliffe Road.The traffic lights were at green so I just slowed and started to make the turn,a siren started at exactly the same time as a Fire Engine came from the right.I slammed all on and it missed me by inches.Had this idiot driver had his audible warning going I would have stopped, as it was I was really lucky I avoided a smash, my escort van would have been pulverised with a fire engine.Visible and audible warnings should be on at all times.
  4. I am inclined to agree with Ivan Edake on this one.A couple of weeks ago I went to Castleton and the smell and taste of burning wood made me depart pretty quickly.
  5. Have a look at The Sky facebook sight and see what people think about them.Hope you don't mind bad language though.
  6. I always put the time of sale on the V5C and get the buyer to sign it.
  7. have you stopped charging to get in yet? ---------- Post added 25-03-2015 at 15:22 ---------- Does anybody know if there is a Car Boot at The Transport Club at Meadowhead on Easter Monday?
  8. Saturdays 12 noon,but this is just a car boot.Sundays 6am,car boot and market. ---------- Post added 24-02-2015 at 16:33 ---------- Tansley car boot is held on 3 different sites but it is reasonably well signed.If you go into Matlock via Bakewell or Chatsworth Park and carry straight on at the little roundabout at Matlock Bath and keep going up the hill there is usually signs directing you.Alternatively if you go through Chesterfield and head for Matlock you will go down a hill through Kelstedge and then up a really steep hill.At the top of this hill is a left turn (usually signed ),make this left turn and just follow this road(bear right at the fork)till you come to the car boot.Its £1.80 to park.
  9. Is this an up to date piece of information because I can assure you Ivan Edake is right when he says H.B is paid to the landlord.
  10. The only reason unemployment has gone down is 1) The government is massaging the figures, 2) claimants have got so fed up of being treated like dirt they have chucked off and are doing a bit of fiddle,and 3)when someone is sanctioned they are classed as employed.A genuine unemployed figure would be 5 or 6 million.
  11. They are grossly overpriced on secondhand cars though. ---------- Post added 06-02-2015 at 18:07 ----------
  12. I tried an angle grinder, within seconds everything around was covered in rubber.As the tire was on a wheel even when I had got through it I had to chisel the bead in order to get it off and this was a hell of a job.If the tire is a 13 inch or smaller just wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the bottom of the black bin.it goes in vertically corner to corner.
  13. Why go to a shop there are plenty of electrical items advertised in shop windows and various newspaper ads?They are also a lot cheaper.
  14. I have heard of this happening quite a few times,especially with speeding tickets.I think it is a "money maker" used by both the police and councils.When I was seventeen and started riding motor bikes all notices of prosecution were delivered either by a copper or by post,but had to be signed for which ever method was used.The government,councils and the police always tell people "proof of posting is not proof of receiving"why then does it not apply when they send anything out?
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