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  1. The trouble had nothing to do with Amici Bici it started the hairdressers next door apparently.
  2. Yes it was a different building back when it was Bartons with a lower roof, though i dont remember the taxi im pretty sure thats where it was.
  3. I think it Barton's was further down the road where the new ice cream parlour is now though the original building was demolished.
  4. Goldenfleece, don.t know if your aware but more pictures have been posted on picturesheffield of Springvale House Special School.
  5. The house is more to the foreground on the very right of the picture. It is mostly painted white. The houses leading up to it are a row of old terraces with most of the windows boarded up, this is Gloucester Crescent. The gates to the school grounds cant be seen in this picture because of the tree.
  6. I will give it a go not tried this before. If it doesn't work the photo is on page 8 http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;w00788&pos=76&action=zoom&id=46077
  7. I mean the old special school. The only picture I have ever seen is on Picture Sheffield. Type in Hallamshire Hospital in search and there is a aerial photo taken from the hospital. Hope were talking about the same building. Its not a great photo but you can see the old houses on Gloucester Crescent bordered up and at the edge of the photo is the old school house.
  8. I grew up in the area and used to play in the school grounds as a child in the 1970s. As far as I remember the old detached building was part of the school. Three houses stand there now. To one side of the building was the gate that led onto Gloucester Crescent and on the other side was a lawned area and path that led out to Park Crescent. Opposite the house and up a grass embankment was a play area with small climbing frames and a single story more modern school building. I think the old building was demolished in the early to mid 1990s
  9. I grew up in the area and we used to play in the school grounds as kids. I have never been able to find any photos either. I think it was demolished in the mid 90's but empty for quite a few years before that.
  10. Many smokers work and pay into the system like myself. Who are you to say who can get treated or not, God
  11. where i work you are allowed a break like everyother employee, if you choose to smoke in that break it is up to you. I have friends work for the NHS and University and the same applies to them. I honestly don't know anyone who has specific cigarette breaks, which their non-smoking colleague are not allowed to have
  12. As I've said before smokers sit outside because we can't smoke inside, you can't have it both ways, not yet anyway.
  13. Its a nice sunny day don't you want to sit in the beer garden? Oops sorry wasn't thinking, it will be full of smokers:gag:
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