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  1. thanks everyone it would be more simple if i moved in with him but my youngest at 18 would not move there and he could not afford to keep a place of his own as he is only on training,another son likes to visit a lot and lives near by and i know he would not like me moving there as he as said.one son he lives in rotherham and they have a car so i know itwould be no trouble to him, my eldest lives with his gran and i know if i could not afford to come over to sheffield then she would help i just feel that if i went over to live with him and i did not see my lads very often i may grow to resent him as we are a very close family. i know i have my own life to live but my families wishes are important to me and at the moment i feel torn in what to do
  2. the problems is this i am in sheffield on esa and i get full housing benefit and council tax benefit the man i am seeing is from derbyshire and lives 26 miles from me, owns his own home and on high rate mobility, incapacity benefit and pension credits he is in his early 60s while i am middle 50s we would like to move intogether and the problems is i dont want to move into his home in derbyshire as my children are in sheffield and i dont want to move away from them also my youngest is still at home and does not want to move to derbyshire we dont want to do anything thats not proper with housing benefit ect. he as no family except for a brother and he gets free travel so traveling is not a worry for him but i cant afford to go to see him and the distant thing is a bit of bother and it would be more better for us to be together as its what we realy want he would have problems selling his house as it need quite a bit doing on it to beable to sell,that would be the best solution but he cant afford to get his house done to be in a resonable condition to sell, not unles he gets someone that is prepared to get it upto standard would i still beable to claim housing benefits if he came to live with me, or would they expect me to go and live with him in his house, any advice would be much appreciated as we dont want to make any decision without knowing whats what with benefits
  3. did you know my cousin shirley needham she left 1971 or 1972
  4. thanks dongle thanks classic rock over the auto route planner
  5. can anyone give me directions from alfreston in derbyshire to gleadless valley in sheffield a friend is wanting to come over to see me and he is not sure on the way as he as only been to meadowhall in sheffield and the town centre. he will be coming by motor bike and not the bus. i think he needs to come via a61 then a57 but i am not very good with directions and dont want to send him the long way around.
  6. i think retirement age should be flexable between 50 and 70 full pension should be at 70 with a lower pension for the younger age group, like such as just a little bit more than job seekers for the people in thier 50s and then between that and full pension for the people in their 60s
  7. jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a roll of cheese jack came down with a beeming smile and his trousers round his knees
  8. i think that it was j edgar hoover fbi that had maralyn monroe, j f kennedy and bobby kennedy killed
  9. can anyone sugest any low in calories meals,that are quick and simple to do, i am fed up eating salads, i am not a big lover of them but always have salad at least 2 times a week, but i have been having them 3 or 4 times a week. i realy need to lose weight, i have been a lot over weight now [4 stone overweight ] for 31 years, in my younger days it never effected me then in my 40s started getting some problems but now in my 50s i can hardly walk at times and my legs and knees constantly ache, so i need some nice low calories meals that are quick, simple and cheap
  10. never bean abroad dont want to, i cant afford to and if i did i would not go, i cant even afford to go on holiday in britain and only go once every 2 years when my mum nags at me to go away with her and she pays
  11. answer me oh my love was sung by frankie lain but the original song was called answer me oh my lord but had to change it to love as it was not classed as appropiate for the time
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