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  1. I have just sef-published my autobiography and would like someone who does not know me to read it and provide a review. Is there anyone this group could suggest please.
  2. SEASIDE SIBILANCE Swooping, swirling, screeching seagull squadrons Sometimes silhouetted soaring silently Skilfully skimming scintillating seascapes, shelving strand Stealthily scavenging, stealing scraps, surrounding scared shrieking schoolgirls. Serried supermarkets, shops selling seasonal sweetmeats, Superficial souvenirs, spades, sequinned sombreros, seconds Stripy sunshades, sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses Staring, shuffling shoppers, senselessly seeking something special. Sinuous, succulent, seeping smells stimulating saliva, suggesting snack stops Sausages, sauces, skate, sauerkraut, shallots Sugary sweeties, savoury sandwiches, sizzling spicy specialities Salty soups, steamy stews, sushi, slushy sodas, skimpy seniors’ specials Scorching sunshine, showers, steely sleet, snow squalls Sprinting, shivering, seeking shelter Seldom steady, startling switches, scattering summer Satisfying suntans, sweltering seasons, scarily searing sun Streetwise salesmen spouting suggestive, salacious sailings Seers selling sincere spiritual solace Statues, strange sideshows, saints, salvationist songsters Somnolent street sleepers, spaniels, social scientists soulfully saving sinners Swinging salsa, sexy samba, stomping, show songs, sequences, Stones Saturday sessions, Sunday singalongs, strathspeys, surf Stereophonic samplers, sweet serenades, sea shanties, sarabands Sixties, seventies, symphonies, ska, skiffle, steelbands, smoochy Southern soul Stale-scented septuagenarians, sweaty sandals, septic socks Singing Scousers, strutting Southerners, substantial Scots Staggering soused sixties, sad solo sweethearts, squiffy solicitors, supercharged sailors Stag squads, sophisticated students, spewing sixteens, strolling sanguine streetcleaners Seaside sensations, sounds, sights, scents Splendidly suggesting summertime Subliminal senses suitably stimulated Suddenly swept spiralling skywards
  3. Celebrating this April Would love to contact : John Smith (Best Man), Ken Brothwell, Alan Hartley. Contact : rcs@concord.org.uk
  4. Please send details of days, times, required. May be able to help. rcs@crofthouse.org.uk
  5. Mr *** Fox took one of our year-old hens this morning. Have re-fortified the run as best I can. Would like to replace but would welcome advice about introducing a new bird to the other 3. Have also got one (Black ****) with a totally feather-free belly and top of legs - seems OK in all other respects - laying fine - got through the cold weather OK -no apparent bullying going on. Any ideas / suggestions ?
  6. DRUM 'TIL YOU DROP Free Drumming Workshop for young people aged 8 to 12 years - no previous experience required - experienced instructors (all CRB checked). An introduction to different styles of drumming with practical "hands-on" experience. Free pair of drumsticks for all participants. Parents welcome to observe. Saturday 16th May Broomhill Methodist Church, Fulwood Road 1.00 to 4.00 pm The workshop is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE but places are limited and MUST be booked in advance by calling 0114 249 1460 or email : rcs@concord.org.uk
  7. * Save * Share * Print * Report this ad Wedding Fanfares Date posted: Tuesday 5th May | Ad viewed: 4 times Location: South Yorkshire Make your special day even more memorable by announcing the arrival of the bride, the entry of the wedding party or the beginning of your reception with a brilliant fanfare of trumpets. We can supply a team of up to 6 smartly-uniformed musicians playing specially-built silver fanfare trumpets. An excellent way to attract the attention of your guests and to mark that special moment. Call 0114 249 1460 for further details or email : rcs@concord.org.uk Concord Ceremonial Fanfare Team
  8. Concord Drum and Bugle Corps - Sheffield's renowned young person's marching music ensemble - are offering FREE music lessons on brass or percussion to any interested youngsters aged 10 years +. No catches - just call us and check it out. We also have vacancies for young people to learn dance and choreography. Call 0114 249 1460 or email : rcs@concord.org.uk
  9. Concord Drum and Bugle Corps - Sheffield's renowned young person's marching music ensemble - are offering FREE music lessons on brass or percussion to any interested youngsters aged 10 years +. No catches - just call us and check it out. We also have vacancies for young people to learn dance and choreography. Call 0114 249 1460or email : rcs@concord.org.uk
  10. If anyone is looking for space to hire for sports clubs or other indoor activities, try CROFT HOUSE SETTLEMENT, Garden Street (just off the foot of Broad Lane - above West Bar). We have a range of spaces available (especially daytimes) to suit : martial arts, dance, music, meetings, training (ICT Learning Centre available). For further details and to arrange a visit, please call 0114 249 1460 or email : rcs@crofthouse.org.uk
  11. Would any local school or organisation be prepared to loan a set of samba band instruments to a responsible local youth organsiation for a one-off project between now and the end of March. Contact : rcs@crofthouse.org.uk
  12. Does any local school or organisation have a set of samba band instruments which they might be prepared to loan out to a responsible youth group for a on-off project between now and end March ? Email : rcs@crofthouse.org.uk
  13. Can anyone put me in toch with a local active steel band ? I seem to remember a lady called Catherine Carr (?) asa local teacher. rcs:@crofthouse.org.uk
  14. Many thanks Elenac. Would you or anyone who I can speak to in more details - especially about occupants of the box, please contacrt rcs@crofthouse.org.uk Regards RCS
  15. I'm trying to discover details of an air raid (possibly in the 1940 "blitz") that destroyed a signal-box at the Midland Station. My grandfather Frederick Arthur STEELE was a signalman there and was buried alive in the rubble. He was rescued but never recovered from his injuries and died some years later (possibly 1944/45). If anyone can help with details / dates, etc I would be most grateful.
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