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  1. I live on the "Costa Del Sol" and went back a couple of years to the mighty Blades gain promotion to the Championship and to catch up with family who still live in Sheffield. I stayed in the Copthorne Hotel on Bramall Lane and walked around the city centre, I was amazed at how much it had changes and with so much building going on. It did tug at my heart strings a bit but common sense rules so no I would never go back to live there, I do hope to do another visit in the coming year to sea how all the renovations in the city centre are coming on, it looked to me as though it could be an exiting place to live, work and raise a family (a family of Blades supporters), but in retirement you need somewhere better - and with sun! which is what we have here in Spain.
  2. Thanks Hilsbro, agree that the Charles and Annie Johnson 1891 census are a different family, especially as John H Johnson was born in Lincolnshire. Where in Sheffield is Wellington Road, is it anywhere near Darnell ? We have been told the Johnson family in Attercliffe apparently goes back to the 14th century. This was discovered by a cousin who met the Vicar of Attercliffe Church organising the centenary of the Attercliffe Church (behind William and Glyn's bank as was) in 1981
  3. Moirahyde, thank you. We are not based in the UK which makes researching so much more difficult.
  4. Thank you to hillsbro and Jim Hardie, much appreciated. We would be grateful to anyone who may have further information.
  5. Hello, can anyone confirm that a Charles Johnson was the landlord of the Broomhill Tavern in Sheffield, around late 1800´s. Or of any Johnsons being pub landlords in Sheffield up to the 1960´s Also we think he was the landlord of a pub on Worksop Road but do not know the name of it. Any information would help, thanks in advance
  6. Evenin' all I am looking to contact a cousin of mine, DAVID JOHNSON, known to live in London area. He used to be on this site as "Frippa" I last had contact with him (through this site) in 2010. Hope he is still on here, I am looking to fill in some gaps on my "family history" - the "Johnsons" originating in Attercliffe, (Titterton street) hoping he can help. Regards to all Sheffielders on here. Les Johnson
  7. Thank you to everyone who has replied to this thread, it is very much appreciated. I am continuing to check this out. I will let you all know when I succeed. Thanks again.
  8. Sheffield Soldier WW1 site looks very interesting, thanks 'lobster'
  9. Can anyone help please - Sheffield WW1 records. I am looking for a Service Record and wonder if there is anyone who can point me in the right direction. We know that service numbers changed during the war. I have tried ancestry and find my past. My grandfather, Albert Shepherd, b. 1891, Sheffield joined the Territorial Force in 1909, age 17. Service number 514 It was the 3rd (poss 8th) West Riding Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery. The photographs we have shows him as a Lance Corporal (date unknown) and also a couple of photos in ´the field´ in France, we believe he was a gunner. His other service numbers could have possibly been 79832 or 147844 but have become a little stuck with this. He returned safely. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up Lynnda, I was wondering about that. I will be speaking to Bob Thursday or Friday, I will update you as soon as I have. Regards ---------- Post added 22-11-2016 at 12:53 ---------- Hi Lynnda Did you get my PM ?
  11. Hello Lynnda. There is a possibility that we have the wrong family here, but i am happy to pursue it further for you. As I said Robert (Bob) is my brother in law and lives in Great Yarmouth, I speak to him regularly as my sister is quite ill. I will pass on you message and see what we discover, it should be interesting. I will be in touch Regards
  12. Hi Lynnda. Might be able to help you with this. Robert May is my brother in law, Lilian was his mother, Richard passed away a few years ago, and Doug is still around. They lived in Darnall, Sheffied. Don't know if it is the same family you are trying to locate but it might be of help. Regards
  13. Hiya BOOKER i am guessing you might be Robert Booker ? remember the name well and all the other names you mentioned - I am Les Johnson, I remember Irene Lee - didn't she have a slight limp do to having polio or something as a child ? (noticed you put a "smiley" so maybe you know more.
  14. Yes, I remember you, weren't you the first to ride around on a scooter (Lambretta) ? I think you were a year or so older than me. Also caught your "blog" on "Old Pitsmoorions" on F/B. Interesting how some of us managed to escape old "Blighty"
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